Wayne Wirs

1961 – 2017

Wayne Wirs title=Wayne Wirs

Photo by Randy Vining

WAYNE WIRS WAS a self-professed enlightened mystic who lived in a van. For years he drove around North America from one scenic spot to another, pursuing enlightenment and chronicling his progress on a blog. He told his readers that his ego was finally transcended on September 17, 2009.

In addition to blog posts Wayne also published numerous books, videos, and photographs. One of the interesting things about his blog is that it includes entries from before, during, and after he said he awakened.

He described his teaching this way:

What probably sets my work apart is that I focus on the mystical aspects of enlightenment — the Fullness aspects rather than the more common Emptiness aspects. I see God — which I call Her, my Beloved — in everything. I have come to realize the importance of the Soul as a stepping-stone to Mystical Oneness (enlightenment) and how synchronicity implies a Divine Intelligence.

My work is for those who are tired of the deadness and extreme cerebral aspect of today’s non-dual teachers.

My work is for the ‘spiritual but not religious.’

My work is for those who want to feel the Divine within themselves.

My work is for the mystic.

Wayne Wirs

Wayne Wirs called this his favorite self-portrait


Wayne published information about his life here and here.

His suicide

Wayne killed himself in 2017 and explained his reasons in the last post on his blog. Among them were his belief in reincarnation and conviction that he would return to life in a new body. Click here to read his suicide note.

Books by Wayne Wirs

A few sample photos by Wayne Wirs

Wayne Wirs title=Wayne Wirs

Wayne Wirs lived in this van

Wayne Wirs title=Wayne Wirs

The view from the back of Wayne’s van

Wayne Wirs title=Wayne Wirs




Click here for more videos by Wayne Wirs.

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