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We are required by US law and our agreement with Google to display this privacy statement.

Anonymous traffic statistics

Like most websites today, uses Google Analytics to collect anonymous traffic statistics. For example, Google Analytics tells us how many people looked at a particular page on a certain day and how many of them were referred by Facebook. It doesn't tell us anything about individuals. It doesn't record or tell us your name or address or anything else that could identify you. Google Analytics uses cookies. For more information, or to opt out of Google Analytics, go here:

Google Analytics web site.

Our web server uses Apache software to send web pages to your browser. Each time your browser requests a page from our site, Apache records your IP address, the time and date, and the URL of the page. The same thing happens when you visit most other websites. If you want to visit websites without having your IP address recorded, use a VPN. We never look at this data or do anything with it. We will never give or sell it to anyone else. For more information about Apache, go here:

Apache open source software

Disqus comments

Like many websites today, we use a third-party service named Disqus on the bottom of each page so people can post comments. We have enabled anonymous posting on Disqus. That means you don't have to register with Disqus or provide your real name or email address. Disqus records your IP address when you post a comment here and may also use cookies. For more information about Disqus, go here:

Disqus privacy policy.

Data retention

The data described above is saved for an indefinite length of time.

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