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Higher Consciousness Healing

Higher consciousness healing is a simple, fast, easy method for overcoming pain, fatigue, and psychological problems.

By Tara Springett

IN 1997, I HAD AN experience that changed my life forever. I was sitting in the shrine room of my Buddhist teacher trying to listen to his talk. I could not concentrate, because I was inwardly struggling with a painful feeling of sadness that had been with me for many years. As I had often done before, I prayed for help and — lo and behold! — this time, my prayer was answered. Suddenly, the method described in this book just “popped up” in my mind. It was so clear and detailed that I assumed I had read it somewhere and was just remembering it. In the weeks and months that followed, I successfully used this method to dissolve my sadness and many smaller issues as well.

This article is reprinted from the book The Five-Minute Miracle.

I then introduced the method to my friends and family, and later to my clients. I carefully monitored their individual processes and asked them to measure their success on a scale. The results were overwhelming. I have worked with many hundreds of cases and virtually every single person who has used this method has achieved significant improvement with a wide variety of problems within a few days or weeks. What’s more, many people have told me that they achieved wonderful results all by themselves, simply by learning the method from this book. Most important, these improvements were stable and lasting. Higher-consciousness healing seems to have the power to resolve personal problems without lengthy analysis and without having to relive past traumas.

When I look back, it seems as if much of my life had been leading up to this experience – it had prepared me to “receive” this method, refine it, and then make it accessible to others. Thirteen years earlier, I had found Tibetan Buddhism, coming to it like a lost child running into its mother’s arms. Since the very first time I visited the Buddhist center, I have meditated every day for at least an hour. I have spent virtually all my vacations in intensive teaching and meditation retreats with knowledgeable and experienced teachers who guided me along the way. Over the years, a deep motivation evolved in me: I wanted to develop enough happiness, insight, and love in myself that I could be of real benefit to other people.

A few years after I started to meditate, I began to work as a counselor and psychotherapist, trying to put my desire to help other people into practice. I had completed several long-term counseling trainings and had earned qualifications, so I felt that my ability to help had grown considerably. However, after working as a psychotherapist for a few years, I began to wish I could find a more effective technique to help my clients than the one I had been using. Ideally, this method would be very simple, so that everyone could use it as a self-help tool. It would bring reliable results every time it was used. In addition, I wanted a method that would point people to the eternal truth that true happiness can be found only through the awakening of a loving heart.

When I discovered higher-consciousness healing, I had no idea that it represented exactly th ideal method I sought. Only when one person after another saw positive results from the method did I slowly become convinced that I had been given a real gem.

The core of higher-consciousness healing is, quite simply, to make contact with our higher consciousness — the part of our mind that is more loving and wise than our everyday consciousness. If we follow a spiritual path, we may choose to perceive our higher consciousness as a central figure of our religion or tradition. However, we do not need to be religious or spiritual in order to benefit from higher-consciousness healing. The essence of our higher consciousness is altruistic love — a form of love that is available to everyone, regardless of whether they are spiritual.

Higher-consciousness healing will help us communicate with our higher consciousness and make its wisdom and love available to solve our personal problems. We will receive this help by using symbols. These symbols, when visualized regularly for just four minutes a day, have an amazing power to transform. They can reach deep into our unconscious mind and put things right at their root. We don’t even need to know all the intricate causes of our problem, because higher-consciousness healing focuses entirely on the solution. The practice is absolutely safe, and we can achieve a significant decrease in our suffering from almost every type of problem in a matter of days or weeks. This may sound exaggerated, but it is true. Ellen’s results are a good example and demonstrate the sometimes-stunning transformative power of higher-consciousness healing.

Higher-consciousness healing is based on the principles of Tibetan Buddhism, but the technique itself is new and unique. It can be used by anyone who feels inspired by it, and it will not interfere with the practice of other religious or spiritual beliefs. It is a short and simple method that can be learned and practiced within minutes. Here’s how it works:

1. Define your problem — I suffer from feeling (emotion) about (problem) — and rate the strength of your emotion on a scale from 1 to 10. After practicing higher-consciousness healing for two weeks, check how far this number has gone down.

2. Relax and visualize your higher consciousness in a form that pleases you – for example, as a central figure of the religion you follow, as an angelic being, or simply as a shimmering loving light.

3. Ask your higher consciousness for a healing symbol to overcome your problem. With the technique explained in this book, a beautiful, brightly colored symbol will just pop into your mind.

4. Visualize your symbol in your heart and, with every out breath, see how it radiates loving and joyful light toward you and envelops you in a bubble of loving joyful light. The light of your healing symbol will then radiate to everyone who is involved in your problem and envelop them in a bubble of loving joyful light as well. These bubbles of light may touch, but should not merge.

5. Simultaneously, relax the tensions of your negative emotion. Practice in this way for two minutes, twice a day, and every time your negative feeling arises.

Even though higher-consciousness healing is a very simple method, it regularly brings great improvements to even the severest problems. I have worked with clients who were sexually abused as children, and clients who were raped or violently assaulted as adults. I have worked with people who suffered all their lives from panic attacks, addictions, clinical depression, violent anger, chronic pain, and debilitating tiredness. I have also worked with many couples on the brink of divorce, desperate parents, and children suffering from many problems. To my joy, they all — with virtually no exception — experienced dramatic and lasting improvements within days or a few weeks by using higher-consciousness healing.

This article is reprinted from the book The Five-Minute Miracle.
Copyright © 2009 Tara Springett.

Tara Springett is a psychotherapist and practicing Buddhist. She has been working with meditation students and counseling clients for more than twenty years.


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