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Ramana photo gro_72

Sri Ramana Maharshi gro_72

Sri Ramana Maharshi photo gro_72 (b&w) 1405 × 842

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Photographer: Unknown to us

Date: 1913

Taken at Virupaksha Cave in 1913. From Saranagathi, April, 2015:

LEFT TO RIGHT: Front Row: Girl seated 4th from left: Chellamma. Row in which Bhagavan is seated: 1. Ramanatha Brahmachari; 2. Gambhiram Seshayya; 3. Unidentified; 4. Ganapati Muni; 5. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi; 6. Vasudeva Shastri; 7. C.K. Ramasamy Gounder (Kallipatti nr. Erode). Standing: 1-9. Unidentified; 10. Jayaram Iyer.

To which we add that the large man in the back row, 2nd or 3rd from the left depending on whether you count the person behind the screen, is Dandapani Swami.

Our source: Saranagathi, April, 2015

Copyright in this photograph may be claimed by one or more of Sri Ramanasramam, Time Inc., Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos, and others.


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