Paul Brunton

1898 ‒ 1981

Paul Brunton

PAUL BRUNTON WAS A YOGI, MYSTIC, WORLD TRAVELER, and best-selling author. It is reported that two million copies of his books have been purchased, an incredible number for spiritual literature. It was his book A Search in Secret India that made Ramana Maharshi famous; before Brunton wrote about Ramana in 1934, few people knew of him even in India.

Brunton was a superb writer and a dapper dresser.

‘Paul Brunton’ was a pen name; his real name was Raphael Hurst.

It’s quite possible that Brunton did more than anyone else — even more than Schelling or Müller or Blavatsky or Vivekananda or Paramahansa Yogananda or the Dalai Lama — to make Westerners interested in Yoga and enlightenment. It is odd that Brunton cast such a large shadow and yet his name is practically unknown.

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Recordings of Brunton’s voice

We know of only one recording of Brunton’s voice. It’s here on the website of Wisdom’s Goldenrod.


For a biography of Paul Brunton, see Paul Brunton’s Secret Path on our site.

Books by Paul Brunton


Recommended Books

Paul Brunon, A Search in Secret India

A Search in Secret India

By Paul Brunton

This book is a galloping adventure story, a sort of spiritual Raiders of the Lost Ark, but it's also an accurate description of spiritual experience and a summary of important spiritual teachings. It was a tremendous best-seller in many countries in the 1930s and 40s, appealing to the general public and not just spiritually-oriented people. The author, a young Englishman, tells the true story of his adventures travelling up and down India looking for a genuine guru. His search ends when he finds Ramana Maharshi. This is the book that made Ramana Maharshi famous outside India. Brunton’s description of Ramana’s teachings is still useful and accurate today. This book is much better written than most spiritual books — it was a general best-seller, not just a spiritual best seller — and it’s a lot of fun to read.


See it on Amazon.

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