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Jan Frazier

1952 ‒

Jan Frazier

Following a Catholic childhood in Miami in the 1960s, Jan Frazier studied English in college and graduate school. In her late twenties, longing for hills and snow, she moved to New England where she was active in the peace movement.

Until the summer of her fiftieth year, Jan Frazier lived a life typical for a well-educated, middle-class American woman. A divorced mother of two teenagers, she made a modest living as a writer and teacher of writing. Her poetry and nonfiction appeared in the Christian Science Monitor, Yankee, Cimarron Review, and the Minnesota Review, and an anthology of her poems was published in 2003 by Pudding House. But the inner peace she sought always eluded her.

Then in August 2003 she experienced a radical transformation of consciousness. Fear fell away and she was immersed in a state of causeless joy that has never left her. While she has continued her life as writer, teacher, and mother, she has discovered it is possible to live a richly human life free of suffering.

Writings by Jan Frazier on this Site

The Secret Room Where Peace Lives

My Awakening

A New Groove

Unconditional Love and the Surrender to Fear

Black Ant

Books by Jan Frazier

Jan Frazier: Greatest Hits, 1990–2002 (2003)

When Fear Falls Away (2007)

The Freedom of Being (2012)

Opening the Door (2012)

The Great Sweetening (2016)


Jan Frazier’s website


Recommended books

Jan Frazier, When Fear Falls Away

When Fear Falls Away: The Story of a Sudden Awakening

By Jan Frazier

This book is probably the best description ever written of enlightenment and its effects on a person’s life. We know this is ridiculously high praise, but we mean it. At the age of 50, Jan Frazier noticed that her habitual intense fear had stopped. Over the next eighteen months she recorded additional changes in her feelings, mental state, and relationships with other people. Jan’s awakening turned out to be permanent. Jan writes extremely well, and her prose sometimes reaches sublime heights. We give this book our highest recommendation.


See it on Amazon.

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