How to dissolve energy blocks

Nothing can withstand consciousness.

Sadasiva Temple, Nuggehalli

By Freddie Yam

A FEW YEARS AGO a friend of mine asked me to try to heal a chronic pain in her ankle.

I said, “Why are you asking me? I'm not a healer.” But this wasn't exactly true because a few days earlier I had managed to heal a pain in my back. I had never done anything like that before.

She said, “Will you try? I think you can do it.”

At that time I was going through a mystical phase. I was having daily conversations with the Goddess, feeling energy moving through my body, knowing things through intuition, and so forth. I thought, "Maybe she's right. Maybe I can do this."

I had never made any effort to become a mystic or a healer or anything like that. I only wanted Self-realization. The mystical stuff came to me for a while as a side effect.

I know very little about healing but I have a standard technique that I use to obtain intuitive guidance. I make my mind as empty as possible and wait to see what arises. It’s like using the mind as a magic 8-ball or ouija board.

When you make your mind empty, eventually something arises in it. That something may turn out to be an image, an idea, a physical sensation, a sound, a memory — any sort of phenomenon. You just have to wait without expectations.

In this case, after a couple of hours — I had to stop and start several times because I got bored and tired — I began to see a sort of schematic diagram of my friend's body. Later, with other friends and more practice, I only had to wait a few minutes until I saw something. In this case I saw glowing blue lines on a black background, like an image seen on some fancy machine at a hospital. The lines showed a schematic outline of my friend’s body. Inside the lines, the interior of her body was black, or nearly black, with some glowing bluish areas, except for one of the ankles which was solid white.

I can’t stress enough that I didn’t try to see this. I didn’t summon up this image on purpose. It arose without my conscious help while I kept my mind as empty as possible. It surprised me when it materialized.

When we try deliberately to see something we have read about in books, we are deluding ourselves.

When we make our minds empty and wait to see what arises on its own, or when we notice without preconceptions what exists to be seen, there is a chance that we are receiving true information.

Devi, the Goddess, explained to me that the blockage was frozen energy. My friend had told me only that her ankle hurt. Energy was moving freely through most of my friend’s body. Those areas appeared black. But energy was frozen, stagnant, solidified, in her ankle. Because of the intuitive knowledge that I was receiving, I knew that the energy was consciousness. If we look at it in a certain way, we see it as energy. But if we look at it in a different way, it's consciousness. This means that not only can we can see or feel the energy, but also, in a way, we are the energy and we can know it from inside.

From the point of view that the blockage was consciousness, it was a clenched area, a region of tension and contraction.

I focused my attention on the blockage — in other words, I looked at it — and the blockage melted. It melted simply because I paid attention to it. My attention was like hot water and the blockage was like ice. Of course both my attention and the blockage are consciousness. They are the same stuff. The hot water effortlessly and instantly turned the blockage into water or steam. This is a metaphor but it was almost exactly like that. All I had to do was notice the blockage. The noticing was my attention. Attention alone did the work.

From the point of view that the blockage was consciousness, my attention caused the contraction to relax and release.

I’ve had many conversations with Devi, the Goddess, but in my whole life Shiva has spoken to me in words only twice. This was one of those occasions. As I watched the blockage melt under the benevolent interest of my attention, he said to me:

Nothing can withstand consciousness.

This statement summarizes the lesson I received during that experience. Not only can consciousness dissolve blocks, but in fact it can dissolve anything. It is the universal panacea. Attention is a way to use consciousness in a deliberate way.

Pain is a call from the body to pay attention because attention heals. In most animals, this is a natural process. We see a vestige of this process in people when they cradle an injured body part in their hand. People do this because it gives some relief. They would get even more relief if they directed their attention to the pain. But because the human brain is so large, the process has become perverted, and people generally do the opposite. When they feel pain, instead of paying attention to it, they do the opposite and look away and try not to feel it.

You can find many books that give detailed techniques for dissolving blockages. They tell you what pictures to imagine, what words to chant, what kind of crystals to buy, and so forth.

I'm not doing that here. Instead I'm telling you how the whole thing works. I'm trying to make you notice the God-given ability that you already have, and I'm telling you the tiny amount of information that you need in order to use that ability.

You don't need precise instructions. You only need:

1. The intention to help. That is automatic. That will already be there.

2. A quiet mind.

3. Attention.

Everything else will be shown to you. If you have a question, make your mind empty and wait. Don't fill your mind with your own ideas or ideas you learned from books. Just make it empty and wait for something to arise and surprise you.

Text copyright Freddie Yam 2017.

Photo by Dinesh Kannambadi. Sadashiva temple at Nuggehalli.

Freddie Yam says he’s an inadvertant mystic who would prefer to be a jnani. He has written occasionally for since it began in 1999.

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