Freddie Yam

b. 1953

Smiling monkey

FREDDIE YAM has been writing occasionally for this website since it began in 1999. In the early days we called him a contributing editor, but we haven't used those sorts of titles in nearly twenty years. Nevertheless, since we never fired him, he probably still is a contributing editor.

Actually, in all seriousness, Freddie played a very important role in the origin of this website. We started this site with a precise goal in mind. We wanted to publish meticulous descriptions of sadhana and personal experience. We didn’t think there was much literature of that kind in the spiritual arena.

The trouble was that we couldn't find any articles like that to publish. Since then we’ve found some, but back in 1999 we couldn't find any. Freddie said, “No problem. I’ll write an article of that kind, and then we can show it to people and say, ‘This is the sort of article we want,’ and other people will write similar stuff, and we’ll publish a whole bunch of it.”

So Freddie sat down and wrote his first article, The Day My Kundalini Woke Up, as the prototype for this website.

Contrary to Freddie’s expectations, nobody ever wrote anything for us like that article. In fact Freddie himself never wrote anything like it again.

But if you, dear reader, feel like writing something like that, please do so and send it to us. We’ll be delighted to publish it.


We asked Freddie to send us some biographical notes for this page and all he said was, “Tell them the picture isn't really me.”

Articles by Freddie on this Site


This page was published on February 6, 2014 and last revised on July 5, 2017.


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