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Awakening on the Level of Mind, Heart, and Gut

Spiritual teacher Adyashanti talks about three kinds of awakening: mind, heart, and gut.

By Adyashanti

This recording was published as a video on YouTube in 2012 under the name Different Kinds of Awakening by eternalnectar, who described it as a “talk from a retreat at Omega center with Adyashanti.” After complaints by the copyright owner, YouTube deleted the video, but it can still be seen on

We are publishing the unauthorized recording because we think it contains important ideas, and because as far as we know, it’s not available in authorized form.


Copyright © 2012 Adyashanti.

Adyashanti is an American-born spiritual teacher devoted to serving the awakening of all beings.

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Adyashanti, Emptiness Dancing

Emptiness Dancing

By Adyashanti

“I’ve been involved with some form of Buddhism for about 15 years. For most of that time I have considered myself to be a committed student of mindfulness practice in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hahn. I've read many, many books on spiritual practice and in particular on Buddhism, but I have never come across anything quite like this book. Adyashanti’s words speak to me at a level which I have not otherwise experienced. For me his teachings are pure and direct – like you might hear about in stories about Zen masters of the past. Interestingly, I don't associate his teachings with any religion or spiritual tradition (nor does he), since they speak about Truth/Reality that exists independent of conceptual frameworks (i.e. a particular belief system). This is the most important book I have ever read. Strong words I know. For me it's true. But I also recognize that the value of the book’s contents are a function of my personal experiences and where I am. So I also recognize not everyone may value it as much as me. Nonetheless, I highly recommend it as a source of deep and honest spiritual guidance.”

—John (an Amazon reviewer)

See it on Amazon.

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