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ElectricGuru's main screen. For a life-size view, click here.


Here's a chance to get a sneak peek at a work in progress.

ElectricGuru is a computer program for neurofeedback. Although it's not yet ready for public release, the author has agreed to post it here for downloading so people who are working on the BuildCheapEEG project can obtain it conveniently.

The program is at an early stage of development, and the version offered here is rough and incomplete.


The current version of the program uses a fast Fourier transform to extract frequency bands from the raw signal. The band width can be set by the user as low as .125 Hz. Two independent code modules are incorporated internally to calculate FFTs so results can be verified by comparison. A simulator is built into the program to facilitate verification. Numerous graphs are displayed including a brain mirror. Magnitude and phase are both shown. The program plays a tone as a reward signal.


In the current version, threshholds can be set for only one frequency band at a time. (For example, you can train for higher alpha or lower theta, but you can't train for both simultaneously.) This version lacks digital filters and uses only FFT for signal processing. No written instructions for using the program are available.

System requirements

The program requires a computer with one of the following versions of Windows: 95, 98, ME, or 2000. It also needs DirectX 7.0 or higher which can be downloaded for free here on the Microsoft website.

Minimum hardware requirements are unknown due to lack of testing. The program runs on a machine with a 200 MHz Pentium II CPU and 128 MB of memory, and can probably run on less powerful machines.

In order to practice neurofeedback with this program, you need both an EEG machine and a computer. (If you just want to see how the program looks on the screen, you can run it in simulation mode without an EEG machine, but you can't do neurofeedback that way.) Currently, three EEG machines are supported: the RS232EEG, the BrainMaster, and the HAL. (For more information about these machines, see Links below.)

Known Bugs

There are two serious known bugs:

  • If a screen saver blanks the screen, the program crashes.

  • On some systems, the reward tone plays continuously instead of beeping intermittently.
ElectricGuru requires an EEG machine. Three machines are compatible, including the BrainMaster, shown here.


Before downloading, please be aware that:

1. The program is at an early stage of development. It is incomplete and may contain serious bugs in addition to the known bugs that are documented here.

2. The program is not intended for medical purposes.

3. No warranties or claims are made for this software. You use it at your own risk.

4. Important info for BrainMaster users: this program sets the BrainMaster to a faster speed than the one used by the regular BrainMaster software. Once this happens the regular BrainMaster software will not operate correctly because it expects the machine to run at slow speed. To avoid this problem, ElectricGuru has a Snail Icon (it looks like a yellow French horn). Click this icon to set the BrainMaster back to slow speed before you run the regular BrainMaster software.

Click to download version 0.40 (109 kb).


If you find a bug in ElectricGuru, please report it to ElectricGuru@realization.org.


The RS232EEG, developed by Jörg Hansmann, is the most sophisticated of the three EEG machines with which ElectricGuru is compatible. For schematics and other information, see Jörg's website. The machine is discussed in the German-language BrainWaves mail group and the English-language BuildCheapEEG mail group.

This English-language mail group is devoted to development of new neurofeedback hardware and software on the open-source model. It is led by Yaniv Vilnai.

BrainMaster Home Page
The BrainMaster is a small, relatively inexpensive EEG machine for home biofeedback use. Of the three machines that are compatible with Electric Guru™, this is the only one that is currently available for purchase from retailers. If you want to buy one, we recommend that you contact Andy Dolan at Dynamind because he gave a friend of ours a very good price. There are at least two mail lists devoted to the BrainMaster including this one.

The HAL is the oldest and least-sophisticated EEG machine that's compatible with ElectricGuru™. For information on the HAL kit, click here; for the HAL newsgroup, click here; for Circuit Cellar, which developed the HAL plans, click here.


This is our main reference page about neurofeedback and other technology for inducing meditative states. It includes a number of related links.

This page was published on April 15, 2001 and last revised on January 21, 2002.


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