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Yoga of Three Enlightenments

Original Title: Enlightenment Yoga :-]




This essay is heavy going, so I'll summarize the main ideas to try to make it easier. The author believes there are three different kinds of enlightenment. He says he has all three and gives directions for attaining them as quickly as possible.

According to him, the three kinds of enlightenment are:

  • witness-conciousness,

  • Brahma-awareness, and

  • awakened kundalini.

The authors says the first kind of enlightenment, witness-conciousness, is the kind you get by watching your mind and actions. (In Theravada Buddhism this watching is called mindfulness; in Patanjali's yoga it's called becoming the seer.) If you practice this enough, you, the observer, become permanently separated from your mind. To attain this state, the author of this essay recommends a particular method. He says, "While seeing, if one also sees oneself seeing, at the same time, one is in the state of Witnessing and Consciousness." According to him, mindfulness is a byproduct of the desired state, not the state itself. You'll know when you're watching your mind correctly because your consciousness-of-being-conscious will make a "strong perfect circle." This circle is the "main thing" to aim for here. If you practice this for one hour every morning, you'll have a good chance of attaining this enlightenment in eight months.

The second kind of enlightenment, Brahma-awareness, is the "main enlightenment." When you attain this, you are desireless and you see the all-pervading awareness in all things. The author says you get this enlightenment from celibacy, or, to be more precise, by reducing your addiction to orgasms.

The third kind of enlightenment, awakened kundalini, is the easiest to get, according to the author. All you have to do is receive shaktipat (initiation) from a guru whose kundalini is already active and "follow [the] instructions." Once this happens, the chakras grow to their full strength automatically in about two years.

The author's original English text follows. I haven't edited it (except for minor corrections like punctuation and verb agreement) because I was afraid I might inadvertently change the meaning, but in several places I've added a word or phrase in brackets for clarification.

-- Laura Olshansky
December 28, 1999


I have three enlightenments


Witnessing Consciously is a byproduct of being consciously conscious -- this is the key, and the door; being conscious that one is conscious = Consciousness, a circle -- eyes open; one hour (most often enough) every morning uninterruptedly (hard work), then it will be [i.e., continue --ed.] the rest of the day very easily.

Consciousness :-) is the sunlight of our soul. Next morning one has to start again. In about eight months, with about 75% success, it will be permanent -- one will never lose it again. Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh alias Osho ([Rajneesh] Chandra Mohan [Jain]) is the half-best knower of this: I become a Witness ("a fully conscious person"); a Sakshi; a Soul; Am-ness with the help of his past half-brilliant info of witnessing (originating mainly e.g. from Sri Shiva's 112 methods of meditation, and then from Gautama Buddha's Suttas -- mindfulness, vipassana, etc.), in 1994 ("past" because my knowledge is better).

Shree Rajneesh has all three enlightenments, but he teaches only the witness, the rest is mainly demonic teaching; including the attitude of the witness -- he teaches it as a whole attitude to be taken and that is very destructive, it should be only a half attitude: a hamsa (witnessing -- according to me; an opening to the spirit, here between the eyes' opening; "the third eye") that is connected to Agnya chakra, not the other way around because we are mainly the mind.

There are also methods that might make it a little easier to be Conscious, like keeping the attention at the top of the head (or anywhere), to help keep up the uninterruptedness of Consciousness. Shri Mataji has said it unclearly somewhere (not teaching it clearly -- her focus is the Kundalini, and she may not be a Sakshi). The point is the Conscious-state, not the method that might be of some help during the first hour, and not the Conscious-state's by-products, mindfulness, etc. Only mindfulness [i.e., mindfulness alone --ed.] like only breath awareness/consciousness, walking awareness/consciousness, vipassana, consciousness of the spirit (it is not consciousness, it is awareness: consciousness of the awareness only) etc. are perhaps not enough: not enough consciousness of the consciousness itself, not a strong perfect circle which is the main thing. The top-of-the-head method might be good. Especially a Sahaja yogi might perhaps find it good (I don't know in practice because no Consciousness happens when I use it, or any method, it already is). Perhaps, because it is not so direct, like mindfulness methods are not. I practised some breath awareness, walking vipassana, movement awareness/consciousness, and I tested many methods (over 112) in 1993. Vipassana, movement awareness/consciousness is an extra fun in Consciousness.

While seeing, if one also sees oneself seeing, at the same time, one is in the state of Witnessing&Consciousness, the land of the sungod; this shows what a Conscious-state is, a most direct but still-subtle method.

With this method one becomes most easily conscious of the Conscious-state and that is the real thing, then one needs no methods; I didn't use any method. Just uninterruptedness to stay in that Conscious-state.



The main enlightenment. This one gets by becoming a celibate (a BRAHMAc[h]ar[ya]; ac[h]arya, spiritual teacher). After about (e.g.) three months (the most Hardest part of celibacy; and it doesn't fully end there: there are still more and more periods to go, years) the curtain that active sex created will disappear and one will see the all-pervading Awareness, Brahma. (Gita III:38-39). This I got in 1996. Awareness
:-| (is-ness) is the moonlight of our soul. Then it will become Nirvana in one year automatically (all children, about under 13, are in Nirvana); two years more and this Brahma-Nirvana will become Brahma-Nirvana-Atma. The first 18 months, with periods of 3 + 6 + 9 months = 18 months; the next 18 months is one period, then... perhaps there is no full end, only almost. 3 + 6 + 9 + 18 + ?. Study here is not ready.

The less addicted have probably less hard times. Castration is perhaps an option, perhaps the same gain, and no effort; but the addiction must "fully" decrease first. The redness of the lips (tongue and nipple redness seems to correlate) tells how much sex addiction one has. (Some things, like some hotnesses, make lips temporarily more red). With celibacy one's skin-colored part of the lips will also vertically (down-up; horizontal line) increase (about 2 or 3 mm in about 2 or 3 years, but then it stops there; next life another 2-3 mm -- the middle channel theoretically gives the same, in about 7 years). Fully skin-colored lips means: no sex addiction. Shri Mataji: the power of sex desire can be seen from the redness off the persons lips. I have since developed the first sex theory (actually, it is the orgasms per [month] addiction level -- not the desire level [power level ½-ok]) -- Sahaja Yoga does not know about it (they do not know the laws of addiction -- they have not been publicly invented yet). Sahaja Yoga is not for celibacy. The decrease of sex addiction, I think, comes from the middle channel also, one just doesn't get the Brahma. A big help is a salt pack: when sex is really Roaming, one sits on a salt pack (first chakra), the Roaming will disappear -- without salt pack it takes hours to stop, once it starts. This addiction stops decreasing after about 2-3 years on skin colored part of the lips, but it goes still more passive, decreasing, on redness. Study here is not ready. One will be addicted to it in one's next life again, but not so much. Brahma Awareness is the Kingdom of Heaven. One must have the Kundalini awakening first (plus at least seven years or more to that [i.e., seven or more years following awakening --ed.] if one chooses castration -- the addiction is probably not going to decrease after castration, but after about seven years or more it perhaps won't decrease much with Kundalini awakening, the middle channel, either. Sex is part of the first chakra, nothing is ever going to transcend it, but the addiction can be [i.e., can be transcended --ed.] (it can take many lives to fully go) if one must have Brahma Awareness. There is a possibility that the Brahma year makes one automatically the Witnessing&Consciousness; if not then one works it next. [i.e., there's a possibility that a year after the second enlightenment is attained, the first enlightenment happens automatically; if not, one works to attain the first enlightenment. --ed].



This I got in 1995 when an acquaintance of mine woke my Kundalini. It's easy to get this the most important enlightenment: just find a Sahaja yogi, and ask your Kundalini to be awakened; attend collective Sahaja Yoga and follow instructions. www.sahajayoga.org or www.sahaja.org has all the necessary info for one to get this enlightenment. Sahaja yogis (99.9%) have only this one enlightenment -- including the people who write about it. Shri Mataji Nirmala Devi (Mrs. Nirmala Srivastava) the only real Kundalini Mahaguru, as far as I know, has two or three enlightenments.

{She may not be a Witness. If she is a Sakshi then she must have developed the Witness [a bit more correctly: The Consciousness. Because the witness is always there -- we often think that the spirit is the witness, one just has to become Conscious, for it to be moment to moment existential witnessing -- this is why we, the mind, cannot do witnessing, one can do only consciousness. The mind -- not its process -- can also be the witness but the same holds good] in this life. It's not easy to make the Conscious state permanent -- nothing about 8 months is mentioned anywhere, not even about the one hour. The Witness is easiest to develop after the two other enlightenments. One other known enlightened person perhaps having three enlightenments was Sri Shiva).

(The "known" problems created by the Kundalini are taken from the beginning celibacy, they have nothing to do with the Kundalini. I think the whole mistake started from one person [Gopi Krishna] who become a celibate and just used the name Kundalini. [One often does feel some disturbing spots in the body after about six months -- back of the head, maybe, being common -- then one just balances the right Swadishthana or lets the "eyes" rest; stress etc.] Kundalini awakening should be considered pleasant. When the Kundalini awakens one often feels nothing -- it is mainly a small phenomenon.)

With the waking of the Kundalini the middle channel chakras will get awakened and will grow to their full strength, automatically, in about two years. Their work is to balance. During the next, maybe, nine months one feels the middle channel strengthening, physically, also; the fears will be one of the first problems to decrease. This is the best enlightenment to start with.

Kundalini itself can be used to balance and to clear. In 1996 I Kundalini-meditated (Sahaja yoga) about ten hours every day (my needed full time was about fifty minutes). I had a burn-out, plus the hardest times of celibacy going; I have a normal 10x15 photograph of Shri Mataji, and it also fitted well to my problems. In 1998 I Kundalini-meditated -- separate time -- when needed for balancing or clearing. When not needed there is no need to meditate, there is no need to do yoga, if one is a Sakshi, a Conscious human being. Or for study. Or for Kundalini flow or/and Dhyana-Samadhi yoga meditation. Just keeping the attention uninterruptedly at the top of the head (above Agnya [Xmind] chakra), and the Kundalini flow is soon there (in the top, upper head, brain[s], Temples, and in the Xmind, [and channels, chakras]). Then one keeps one's attention uninterruptedly in about that flow. That is all. The flow, vibrations, (can) become better after e.g. ten minutes of uninterrupted flow. Sahaja Yoga techniques can be used. I need a photograph of Shri Mataji to have a stronger/cooler flow; it's enough that one uses it at least once a day or/and having it there in normal home life to have a better flow, then one may not need anything.

A great tip (to some people): ice pack. I used it a lot every day for three years. It is very good for hot intelligent processor -- right Swadishthana, in and on (its aura) the right side of the lower stomach, 14-301 min., it will speed up its "outer" cooling -- "inner" mainly follows the laws of addiction, karma.

Photograph, Vibrations. To create a photograph effective enough for sahaja Kundalini meditation needs more imbalance and perhaps (must with live; perhaps with a photograph) many Sahaja yogis. That is why only Shri Mataji's photographs are used -- though, if one is there in collective Sahaja Yoga with the same or more amount of imbalance one will have the same maha flow, or flow. It is a catalythical /synchronicity phenomenon. Normal photographs give (vibrate) feelings etc., of the person's soul happenings, at that time, to Deities (we are one of them, the Xmind -- it's real) -- and I witness that happening in myself. My picture -- Brahma 1997 (next month Nirvana) -- vibrates peace, staying power, odor. I am the only one in this room. Computer pictures also vibrate feelings etc., but less lively. About Kundalini I am not so optimistic when it's not a photograph that is developed from the original negative. Not a photograph quality -- nor is the hardware.



The one in sahajayoga.org, or some other. I don't think they wake up the Kundalini. First the Kundalini vibration wakes the dormant Kundalini (can a picture etc. do that), then raising it may be needed (pictures etc. pull up might do that, but it is only a pull up: it does not wake the Kundalini -- can raise etc. it only if it's already awakened). At least one gets some idea, perhaps even some experience (many experience is not because of the picture's etc. Kundalini vibrations -- also less in pictures). Not a photograph quality. Pictures etc. are for fun meditation and study meditation, not for Kundalini meditation. A strong Kundalini photograph (and a good personal quality in it) is needed.

One gets Kundalini vibrations from many things, and can't very easily tell whether it's a universal or/and a personal truth, or what the Deities/Kundalini are meaning, in this or that particular case. Here one needs more experience and some study. This is what Shri Mataji calls "The Meta Science of Sahaja Yoga;" Kundalini and pictures are only a piece of it; it contains all the vibrations etc. one can feel in Deities, and so contains the Dharma also. If one's Kundalini is not awakened one won't feel any (cool) Kundalini vibrations. If the Kundalini gets awakened it may take a month (or more) before one starts feeling the cool vibrations of Kundalini. How the pictures etc. work? It feels like they have a "dead" soul of their own; (a light phenomenon, and then) a Deity sense phenomenon. Deities (chakras, or part of it; qualities of our soul) read them. In the same way as psychokinesis of the used things, like newspapers, have their own vibrations (chemical => Deity sensation => mind), kinetic (not a Deities + [light] picture [+ memory], Deities + sound [etc.] [+ memory], Deities + memory [+ conditionings] phenomenon). Deities read chemical information also; but kinetic (chemical) vibrations (and memory vibrations [from (Deities =>) memory => Deities]) change; the vibrations¹ in the picture (from Deities => perhaps memory => Deities) don't; a picture contains no (kinetic) vibrations; Deities create (=read, sense) them from the picture (+ perhaps memory). How can it then awaken Kundalini (=Kundalini Deity)? Awakening, I think, needs live (kinetic; soul, chemical, physical) contact to awakened Kundalini.

Copyright Petri Einiö 1998-99
Reproduced with permission from the author's website


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The author mentions Siva's 112 methods of meditation. He's referring to an ancient book called the Vijnanabhairava Tantra, and more particularly, to a commentary on it by Osho. You can read a free summary of the original on the Hindu Tantrik Home Page; you can buy a widely-used English translation of it by Jaideva Sing here; and you can buy Osho's commentary here.


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This article was published on December 28, 1999 and last revised on May 13, 2000.

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