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Nothing Existed Except the Eyes of the Maharshi by N.R. Krishnamurti Aiyer. Oct. 29, 2001

Who Are You? An Interview With Papaji by Jeff Greenwald. Oct. 24, 2001

An Interview with Byron Katie by Sunny Massad. Oct. 23, 2001

An Interview with Douglas Harding by Kriben Pillay. Oct. 21, 2001

The Nectar of Immortality by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Oct. 18, 2001

The Power of the Presence Part Two by David Godman. Oct. 15, 2001

The Quintessence of My Teaching
by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj. Oct. 3, 2001

Interview With David Godman. Sept. 28, 2001

The Power of the Presence Part One by David Godman. Sept. 28, 2001

Nothing Ever Happened Volume 1 by David Godman. Sept. 23, 2001

Collision with the Infinite by Suzanne Segal. Sept. 22, 2001

Lilly of the Valley, the Bright and Morning Star by Charlie Hopkins. August 9, 2001

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The Avadhuta Foundation was established in 1993 to spread the teachings of Sri H.W.L. Poonja, affectionately known as Papaji. It maintains and makes available an archive of video and audio tapes of Papaji's talks covering the period from 1992 until Papaji's death in 1997. It also publishes and distributes books about Papaji and his teacher Ramana Maharshi including David Godman's mammoth three-volume biography of Papaji, Nothing Ever Happened. You can order books directly from Avadhuta by phone or e-mail.

The website you're viewing now includes excerpts from several Avadhuta books including Nothing Ever Happened, The Power of the Presence Part One, and The Power of the Presence Part Two.
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