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Articles About Kundalini and Shaktipat on this Site

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Kundalini is energy that travels up the spine to the head. It is often felt by seekers.

Recommended Books

Enlightenment Through the Path of Kundalini

By Tara Springett

This is the masterpiece of spiritual books on kundalini. It illustrates the basic concepts of kundlini, chakras, purification of chakras, and the effect of chakras on our health. Tara Springett explains this complex subject in a very simple way. Her experience in the spiritual journey helps her to be a psychotherapist, counselor and medication teacher. She explains the subject with the help of numerous case studies. Her union with a higher power ordered her to write the book. The book is the outcome of her communication with a divine being, White Tara, which opens the way to the deepest metaphysical secrets of universe. Read this book to balance the sea of love and blissful life force which exists in the divine essence of every human being. Your journey toward the deity-state will be easy by following the path shown by Tara Springett. —Shirish Bhoodhar

See it on Amazon.

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