Thomas J. Anderson

Thomas J. Anderson

July 9, 1950 –

While in his early twenties, after practicing Self-remembering for a short time, Tom Anderson had a profound spiritual awakening, a direct experience of the Self. Since then he has continued the practice of Self-remembering and witness consciousness on a minute-by-minute basis. He is the author of All-Amareakin, an autobiography which describes his spiritual evolution from boyhood to the present. He and his wife Pam live in northern Maine where he practices dentistry. They have four grown children.

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All-Amareakin: A Book for Sincere Seekers of Truth and Understanding

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Hundreds and perhaps thousands of spiritual autobiographies have been written. This one stands out because the author has made an unusually thorough effort to explain how his spiritual experiences unfolded in order to help the reader attain similar experiences. As a result the book can be read as a how-to manual of wide scope and depth.

The book covers a period of about 30 years. It is sincere, earnest, unpretentious, and whole-heartedly focused on helping the reader.

One of the most interesting sections describes the practice of self-remembering which the author learned from books by Ouspensky and others in Gurdjieff's tradition. After eight days of intense effort, the author had his first direct experience of the Self. Such rapid results are unusual with any method of meditation. The author describes in detail what he did to help bring this experience about.

The author writes about all parts of his life that influenced him spiritually. For example, the first chapter, which is titled "How I Became A Seeker," discusses his relationship with his high school girlfriend. Similarly, later chapters describe how he dealt with conflicts at work by remaining conscious. These examples show how real seeking takes place. It permeates our whole lives and influences everything we do.

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All Amareakin: A Book for Sincere Seekers of Truth and Understanding

Dog Ear Publishing (2011)

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296 pages

ISBN: 978-145750-004-6

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