Suzanne Segal

Suzanne Segal

1955 – 1997

Suzanne Segal was an American clinical psychologist who lost her sense of a personal self unexpectedly and completely at the age of 28. For the next twelve years the absence of a self terrified her, and she thought she had become mentally ill. This painful period of her life ended abruptly one day when she realized, in her words, that “the infinite emptiness I knew myself to be was now apparent as the infinite substance of everything.” With this discovery, bliss replaced fear and she became a spiritual teacher. Unfortunately her teaching career was soon cut short by debilitating symptoms due to a brain tumor. She died about three years after her blissful realization.


Suzanne Segal’s life is brilliantly documented in her autobiography, Collision with the Infinite. We think this book is a classic in the literature of enlightenment. Unfortunately it’s currently unavailable at a reasonable price in most of the world, but our site contains a free excerpt from it.

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Collision with the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self

Fascinating autobiographical account by a twentieth-century American psychologist who was miserable and frightened for twelve years after losing her sense of self. Eventually she realized that she had become enlightened and found bliss. She portrays her sense of fear and bewilderment very clearly.

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Collision with the Infinite: A Life Beyond the Personal Self

Blue Dove Press (1996)

174 pages

ISBN-10: 1884997279

ISBN-13: 978-1884997273

Photo by Sherry Burkart.

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