Sri Ramana Maharshi's Moment of Realization

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In 1991 David Godman put forward the hypothesis that part of the instructions in paragraph 3 of Self-Enquiry, Sri Ramana's first written work, is based on Sri Ramana's experience at the moment of realization.[1]

1. Godman, David. "'I' and 'I-I': A Reader's Query." The Mountain Path 28.1&2 (1991 June): 79-88. Print.

The author of this web page thinks David is obviously right. Here is the passage:

Therefore, leaving the corpse-like body as an actual corpse and remaining without even uttering the word ‘I’ by mouth, if one now keenly enquires, ‘What is it that rises as “I”?’ then in the Heart a certain soundless sphurana, ‘I-I’, will shine forth of its own accord. It is an awareness that is single and undivided, the thoughts which are many and divided having disappeared. If one remains still without leaving it, even the sphurana – having completely annihilated the sense of the individuality, the form of the ego, ‘I am the body’ — will itself in the end subside, just like the flame that catches the camphor. This alone is said to be liberation by great ones and scriptures.[2]

2. Sri Ramana Maharshi. Self-Enquiry. Tiruvanammalai: Sri Ramanasramam. Print.

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