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Ramana photo gro_41

Sri Ramana Maharshi gro_41

Sri Ramana Maharshi photo gro_41 (b&w) 2263 × 1648

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Photographer: Unknown to us

Date: 1930s

From Sarangathi, January 2015:

Archival Listing GRO 41 (1930s). First row, sitting, LEFT TO RIGHT:1. P.D. Mannar Chettiar (Kalkandu Chettiar); 2. Sama Tatha; 3. Niranjananda Swami; 4. Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharshi; 5. Sambasiva Rao; 6. Unidentified; 7. T.K. Sundaresa Iyer. (Second row, standing) LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Ramanatha Brahmachari; 2. T.P. Ramachandra Iyer; 3. Unidentified; 4. Shantamma Patti; 5. Seshu Iyer; 6. Sub Registrar Narayana Iyer; 7. Unidentified; 8. Tippirajapuram Krishnaswamy Iyer; 9. Unknown. (Third row, standing) LEFT TO RIGHT: 1. Madhava Swami; 2. Annamalai Swamy; 3. Unidentified; 4. Rangaswamy; 5. Ramakrishna Swamy; 6. Subramania Swamy; 7. - 8. Unidentified.

T.K. Sundaresa Iyer: Born into an orthodox Brahmin family, when TKS first visited Bhagavan at Virupaksha Cave in 1908 at the age of 10, he did so very reluctantly, thinking that Bhagavan was opposed to orthodoxy. However, compelled by his cousin to come, once having seen Bhagavan, he became a devotee. “If you had seen Him in those days, you would hardly have taken Him for a mere human being. His figure was a statue of burnished gold!” With Bhagavan’s approval, TKS lived at Mango Tree Cave for a number of years in order to study with Ganapathi Muni after which he made Ramanasramam his permanent home.

Our source for high-resolution version and note: Sarangathi, January 2015.

Copyright in this photograph may be claimed by one or more of Sri Ramanasramam, Time Inc., Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos, and others.


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