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Ramana photo gro_114

Sri Ramana Maharshi gro_114

Sri Ramana Maharshi photo gro_114 (b&w) 1113 × 725

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Photographer: Unknown to us

Date: 1916

From Sarangathi, March 2015:

Archival Listing GRO 114 (1916), on the rock above Virupaksha Cave: LEFT TO RIGHT: (4th row) Perumalswami, Kandaswami,Ramana Maharshi (seated), 3rd row Alagammal, Palaniswami, C.K. Subramania Sastri, (2nd row) Ayyaswamy, NarayanaReddiar, Eswaraswami, M. Sivaprakasam Pillai; (1st row) seated at front, not identified.

Palaniswami: Bhagavan’s first devotee found Sri Bhagavan at Gurumurtham in February 1897 and took uployal service to him as his principle sadhana for the next 21 years. A Keralite, Palaniswami was living inAyyankulam St. when he first met Bhagavan and fed the two of them from bhiksha rounds. He attended onSri Bhagavan faithfully and followed him to the adjacent mango grove. When Bhagavan thought it best tomove out on his own, the attendant protested, “Where shall I go? You have the words of life”. The two thenwent to Arunagiri temple, Pavalakunru and finally up to Virupaksha Cave where he remained until his finalmoments when he passed away in Bhagavan’s arms in 1918.

Ayyaswami: came in 1911 at the age of 25. A skillful craftsman, resourceful and industrious, he madeBhagavan’s kamandalu and cane which now sit in the Nirvana Room. Bhagavan marveled at hisuncanny habit of bringing from town the very articles he and others were simultaneously talking about onthe Hill. This happened repeatedly. When questioned about it, Ayyaswami simply said, ‘Swami, howshould I know? It merely occurred to me that I should take a particular article. I brought it and that is all.Swami alone should know about such strange happenings. Bhagavan added, “Really, he used to keephis mind pure, and so whatever we thought about here used to mirror itself in his mind.”

Our source: Sarangathi, March 2015.

Copyright in this photograph may be claimed by one or more of Sri Ramanasramam, Time Inc., Henri Cartier-Bresson/Magnum Photos, and others.


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