Three Stages of Existence

By Prakriti Nigam

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3. Being

This article is reprinted from Being Shiva.

After the death of the Experiencer, when the Knower was ready to die, there came Self-realization. This time the Knower died and a Being was born, or more accurately a Being was revealed; it had been there forever, but was concealed behind the noise of the Experiencer and Knower.

When Being’s existence was revealed, or when I became a Being, I understood that the Experiencer and Knower did not die but instead are merged within me, within the Being that I am, but they are not personal to me, or there is no personality attached to them anymore. They are the Cosmic Experiencer and Cosmic Knower merged within the Being, who is a Cosmos in one’s Self, or the Creation/Manifestation in the Unified Whole. Since there is no personality attached to them, their functions are not driven through my personal will. They function at Divine’s will or cosmic will. Personal will, personality, personal mind, everything that has “person” as a prefix is replaced with “Cosmos” and “Cosmic”. I truly became a human being, a Being in human form. It was blissful that finally I did become what I was born as, a human being. Now you may laugh at it, as it may not sound that profound. People try to become astronauts, scientists, political leaders, CEOs, and writers, and here I was busy trying to become a human being or trying to be human.

Life at this stage becomes truly spontaneous. There are no varying states anymore. Bliss or peace doesn’t come or go, it’s just there always as stark naked reality. There is no Knower functioning at a separate individualistic level keeping track of Prakriti’s life, Prakriti’s states, enlightenment, Self-realization, liberation, or anything else. Separate Prakriti (me) doesn’t exist any longer. It’s all merged, it’s all integrated. Prakriti cannot be centralized or localized to this body (my body) or this costume of personality that it functions through.

Now was the time to just be ‒ be anything, everything or nothing at the same time. Merely by looking, this Being could be what it is looking at. At this level, Experience, Experiencer, and Experiencing are merged; Knower, Knowing, Knowable are merged; there is no segregation, it all functions as ONE. Then who and what is there to Experience, to Know? What could be Experienced, or Known? Who will be playing the roles of Experiencer or Knower?

This whole Creation doesn’t exist in a segregated fashion. It’s all integrated, it’s all ONE, and at the same time it’s decentralized. There is no you, no me, no relationship in between. I am you, you are me, and we are us, or we are either you or me. And this is the naked TRUTH that I became.

As wonderful as this truth was, then came total appreciation, love, and devotion for the way Creation exists, for its segregated-ness, for its diversity, for its humungous ability to diversify, reflect in a gazillion ways, for eyes to be able to see the beauty in ugliness, for the sense of touch to be able to feel flowers and thorns alike, for the sense of taste to be able to feel sweetness in all bitterness, for hearing the Laughter in all the angry shouting and yelling, feeling the joy behind all sorrows and tears. That just left me speechless for some time, as if I was struck with a thunderbolt. I could not speak a word about all this. I could only shed tears in this simple understanding and revelation of the Existence. It was simple but profound at the same time, and that’s when I lost all words that I could ever use to explain this to anyone.

Everything around me is the same, people, places, events, and I feel so joyful in crying with others in their pain. I can see the beauty and joy of hidden fears, anger, sorrow, and pain, and I am totally in LOVE with all this, in love with the Human-ness of Being Human. Who could create something so brilliant, so profound, yet so simple and diversified? We are the Creation and Creators, Immortals; we were never born and will never die.

Living life as a Being in the human body form is a very deep, blissful, peaceful experience in itself and I love to live it. It is also the most powerful plane to exist on, as anything can be Created that helps this Existence or Creation in anyway. The whole Universe is my playground now.

I no longer feel the peace or bliss. I am the peace, I am the silence, I am the bliss. I am Sat, Chit, Ananda!

Sat: Truth.
Chit: Pure consciousness.
Ananda: Bliss (a state beyond happiness and unhappiness).

Flowing as the river, being its water,

flowing as the wind, playing with trees,

like blowing leaves,

being earth while looking at it,

Being whatever just by looking at it,

the joy of being cannot be described in words,

it’s poetic, it’s romantic, it’s agape.

I am in love with this whole Universe!

A spirit dances in me now, a celebration that goes on and on day and night, every moment.

Now I wonder, no wonder I spent thousands of years just for this earthly human experience…


There is love in your anger,

there is love in your tears,

all your flaws are fabulous,

those painful moments are amulets,

those innocent names and games of love

emotions weave the poetry of life…

those sleepless nights were amazing,

That Silence and moon, and moonlight bathing,

when I lay there waiting,

for dawn to break,

only to realize, I am no more…

Is this the end, or the beginning, or beyond, I don't know now...

Just be!

Be the Beginning, or Be the End,

Be the rain, or Be the sand,

Be as you please…

Just be!

The Experiencer died in me after Enlightenment, the Knower of my own living, life, my own existence died after Self-realization. All that is left now is this Being who/what just IS. It’s beyond light and dark, it’s NOTHING!, it just IS. I don’t know how else to explain this to anyone, can this ever be explained?

Peace and Bliss is what IS :-)

This article was originally published on Unified Whole (now Being Shiva) on June 7, 2016. Copyright © 2016 Prakriti Nigam. Used by permission.

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