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Charlie Hopkins

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Charlie Hopkins the human, Rocky the squirrel, and Freddie the dog.

I AM A TEXAN, born in 1950. My hope as a writer is to speak the truth as my light allows it, to be one among many red winged black birds singing in a willow tree above a pool of run off water. This is all I am or ever want to be. Thank you for reading my poems.

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Recommended Books

I Need to Feel You Every Moment in My Heart by Robert Adams

I Need to Feel You Every Moment in My Heart

By Charlie Hopkins

Charlie’s poems rattle a nerve deep in the core of the Heart. I came across a poem of his on the Internet one day and was so moved that I found a way to email him and request permission to post his poem on my website. An email friendship ensued and after some six months or more, my wife and I drove over a thousand miles to meet Charlie and his wife Carol (the inspiration behind his work). Charlie is an unassuming man who was not concerned about publishing his poetry in book format. I found out how to set it up on Lulu and with Charlie's final edit I Need To Feel You In Every Moment In My Heart is now available.

Charlie writes in such a way that I can only imagine that every woman would want to be cared for and loved the way he feels. Being a part of this book is inspiring for me because there is a live current in Charlie's words that causes the river of love in the Heart to flow rapidly.

—Rafael Stoneman

See it on Lulu.

This page was published on January 23, 2014 and last revised on June 17, 2017.


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