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Yoga Links




    Milarepa, a famous Tibetan yogi.
This page contains links to websites about yoga.



Our main reference page on yoga with an overview, links to articles and sites, and book recommendations.



This site serves up clear, elegant instructions in several languages for a simple but effective breathing exercise.

Om's Home: Yoga and Meditation
Free email, OM-Letter, GEM Global Meditation Group and Friend's Daily Quotes, holistic counseling, meditation instructions, Nada Yoga (yoga of sound), Yoga Nidra (deep relaxation), Peace Page, Ave Maria, poems, meaning of Om, and greeting cards.

The Ishayas' Ascension
The Ishayas' Ascension is an American organization founded by Maharishi Sadashiva Isham, a former teacher of Transcendental Meditation. It teaches a system of techniques based on the "ascending emotions" of praise, gratitude, and love for achieving the fourth state beyond waking, sleeping, and dreaming.


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