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Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a technique for relaxation and healing in which one person stimulates the flow of energy in another. It has been described as a Japanese form of Qi Gong. Rei means the supreme universal consciousness; ki means the same thing as qi in Chinese or prana in Sanskrit.


The Story of My Miracle
By Joanne Pizzino

Partially paralyzed, in terrible pain, desperate to avoid surgery, the author tries Reiki and forgives the man who tried to murder her 13 years earlier -- and heals herself. From the website of TASTE.



Reiki Plain and Simple
An extraordinarily good site with hundreds of free books and articles. Covers all levels from beginner to advanced.

Another outstanding website from Vinny Amadour, publisher of Reiki Plain and Simple.

Brent Boyd's Reiki Page

The Reiki Page(s)

International Center for Reiki Training
A superb site with many articles and a great deal of information.

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