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How I Had Great Sex by Meditating with Neurofeedback and Sanskrit Textbooks

Who would have thought our most popular page would be the one about Sanskrit textbooks?


April 19, 2001

IT'S SPRINGTIME here in North America. Buds are bursting, hormones are flowing, and we're trying to get back in the groove at this website after hibernating for six months.

Or was it a year?

Anyway, I'm trying to make myself feel like a publisher again, so I just checked our server stats to see which articles are most popular, so we can print more of the same kind.

The results surprised me. Here's a list of the pages that got read the most since the beginning of the year. The numbers show how many times each article was downloaded during that five-month period.

1 Sanskrit Language Texts 1,344
2 How Will I Know If I'm Really Meditating? by John Anderson 1,335
3 Kundalini Quest: Sexuality and Spiritual Awakening by Bonnie Greenwell 1,219
4 How Depression Helped Me Break Through by Jim Dreaver 1,073
5 Self-Enquiry (page 1) by Sri Ramana Maharshi 1,040
6 Sri Ramana Maharshi (Reference Page) 1,008
7 Meditation: Classic and Contemporary Perspectives by Elena Gutierrez 991
8 What I've Learned From Meditating by Freddie Yam 982
9 What Ramana's I-I Feels Like by Anonymous 946
10 Kundalini (Reference Page) 927
11 Zen and the Brain by Gary Schouborg 917
12 Neurotech (Reference Page) 902

Never in a million years would I have predicted that the top winner would be a list of textbooks! What happened, I think, is that 1,344 people in the whole world searched the web for information about Sanskrit textbooks during that period of time. Only a few pages popped up, and ours was one of them, so those readers came to our site. They probably never saw Realization.org before and never will again. It's a good example of the seamlessness of the web, of what its designers expected it to be back when it was a dream.

Now let's analyze the rest of the winners.

We've got five pages with titles that sound intimate and personal (2, 3, 4, 8, and 9), including four that have the words "I" or "me" in them. One of those titles includes "sexuality," another has "depression."

Four titles mention "meditation" or its Japanese synonym, "Zen". Three pages are technically or scientifically oriented (2, 11, and 12). Two pages about neurotech (2 and 12). Two about Ramana (5, 6, and 9). Two about Kundalini (3 and 10).

There's one classic on the list, Self-Enquiry by Ramana Maharshi. Actually, only the contents page of that book is listed. Of the 1,040 people who downloaded the table of contents, how many continued on to the first page of text? (Hang on, I'm checking.) 457. Not too shabby. And 263 got to page two.

So what's the bottom line? We now know what our readers like to read. And we plan to give them more. Starting with what seems to be the perfect title:

How I Had Great Sex by Meditating with Neurofeedback and Sanskrit Textbooks.

Hmm. Forgot to get Ramana and Kundalini in there. I guess it needs a little more work.



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This page was published on April 19, 2001.

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