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The Taittiriya Upanishad
Translated by Alladi Mahadeva Sastry


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Book 2






1. Non-being, verily, does one become if he as non-being knows Brahman. If one knows that Brahman is, then they regard him as being. Thus (reads the verse).





2. Thereof, -- of the former, -- i.e. of the Vijnanamaya, this one, surely, -- namely, the Anadamaya, -- is the embodied Self, i.e., the Self dwelling in the Vijnanamaya body.





3. Hence, then, the questions that follow: whether does any one who knows not, departing, goes [sic] to that region? Or, does anyone who knows, departing, attain that region?





4. He desired: many may I be, may I be born!





5. He made tapas.





6. Having made tapas, He sent forth all this, and what of this more.





7. This having sent forth, into that very thing He then entered.





8. That having entered, both the being and the beyond He became, the definite and the indefinite, the abode and the non-abode, the conscious and the unconscious; both the real and the false did the Real become, and whatever else is there. That, they say, is the Real.





9. On that, too, is this verse.




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