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The Taittiriya Upanishad
Translated by Alladi Mahadeva Sastry


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Book 1





1. Here, in this bright space within the heart, is He, that Soul who is formed of thought, undying, full of light.    




2. In the mid-region of the throat's two pillars, that which hangs down like a nipple, -- that is the birth-place of Indra, where the hair-end splits up dividing the two regions of the skull.





3. In Agni as Bhuh he rests, in Vayu as Bhuvah, in Aditya as Suvah, in Brahman as Mahah. He attains self-lordship; he attains to the lord of manas, the lord of speech, the lord of sight, the lord of hearing, the lord of intelligence. Then he becomes this, -- the Brahman whose body is the bright space, whose nature is true, whose delight is life, whose manas is bliss, who is replete with peace, who is immortal.





4. Thus do thou, O Prachina-yogya, contemplate.




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