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The Taittiriya Upanishad
Translated by Alladi Mahadeva Sastry


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Book 1





1. 'Bhuh,' 'Bhuvah,' 'Suvah': there are thus, verily, these three utterances.    




2. Of them, verily, that one, the fourth, 'Mahah', did the son of Mahachamasa discover.





3. That is Brahman; that is Atman; its limbs the other Gods.





4. As Bhuh, verily, is this world; as Bhuvah, the mid-region; as Suvah, the other world; as Mahah, the sun; by the sun, indeed, do all worlds excel.





5. As Bhuh, verily, is Agni, Fire; as Bhuvah is Vayu, the Air; as Suvah is Aditya, the Sun; as Mahah is Chandramas, the Moon; by Chandramas, indeed, do all luminaries excel.





6. As Bhuh, verily, as the Riks; as Bhuvah, the Samans; as Suvah, the Yajuses; as Mahah, Brahman; by Brahman, indeed, do all the Vedas excel.





7. As Bhuh, verily, is the upward life; as Bhuvah, the downward life; as Suvah, the pervading life; as Mahah, the food; by food, indeed, do all lives excel.





8. They, verily, these four (Vyahritis) become fourfold; four, four are the Vyahritis.




9. Whoso contemplates them, he knows Brahman; to him do all Devas offer tribute.    



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