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The Taittiriya Upanishad
Translated by Alladi Mahadeva Sastry


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Book 1





1. Who, of all forms, the bull of chants, sprung up from chants immortal, -- May He, the Lord, me with intelligence cheer. Of the immortal, O God, the possesor may I be!    




2. Able may my body be, sweetest be my tongue! With ears much may I hear! The sheath of Brahman art thou, veiled by intelligence. What I have learned do Thou keep.





3. Bringing to me and increasing ever and anon clothes and kine, food and drink, doing this long, do Thou then bring to me fortune woolly, along with cattle. Svaha!





4. May devotees of Brahman come to me from every side! Svaha!





5. Variously may devotees of Brahman come to me! Svaha!





6. Well-equippped may devotees of Brahman come to me! Svaha!





7. Self-controlled may devotees of Brahman come to me! Svaha!





8. Peaceful may devotees of Brahman come to me! Svaha!




9. Famous among people may I become! Svaha!    




10. Superior to the wealthiest may I become! Svahah!





11. That Self of Thine, O God, may I enter! Svaha!





12. Do Thou, O God, enter me. Svahah!





13. In that Self of Thine, of a thousand branches, O God, do I wash myself. Svaha!





14. As waters run to a low level, as months into the year, so unto me may devotees of Brahman, O Disposer of all, come from every side! Svaha!




15. Refuge Thou art, to me do Thou shine forth; forth unto me must Thou come!    



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