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The Taittiriya Upanishad
Translated by Alladi Mahadeva Sastry


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Book 1





1. Fame to us both: Brahma-varchasa to us both.    



2. Now, then, the Upanishad of Samhita (the sacred teaching about conjunction) shall we declare in the five objects: in the worlds, in the lights, in knowledge, in progeny, in the self. These are great conjunctions, they say.    



3. Now as to the worlds: earth is the first form, heaven the next form, the interspace the junction, air the medium; thus far as to the worlds.    



4. Now as to the lights: fire is the first form, sun the second form, water the junction, lightning the medium. Thus far as to the lights.    



5. Now as to knowledge: master is the first form, pupil the second form, knowledge the junction, instruction the medium. Thus far as to knowledge.    



6. Now as to progeny: mother is the first form, father the second form, progeny the junction, procreation the medium. Thus far as to progeny.    



7. Now as to the self: lower jaw is the first form, upper jaw the second form, speech the junction, tongue the medium. Thus far as to the self.    



8. Thus these are the great conjunctions.    



Whoso should contemplate these great conjunctions thus declared is endued with progeny and cattle, with brahma-varchasa, with food to eat, with the region of svarga.    



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