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By Purnananda Swami




The Kundalini


50. He whose nature is purified by the practice of Yama, Niyama, and the like, learns from the mouth of his Guru the process which opens the way to the discovery of the great Liberation. He whose whole being is immersed in the Brahman then rouses the Devi by Hum-kara, pierces the centre of the Linga, the mouth of which is closed, and is therefore invisible, and by means of the Air and Fire (within him) places Her within the Brahmadvara.


Yama = moral disciplines which are prerequisites to yoga including abstention from harming, stealing, lying, sex, and greed.

Niyama = another class of moral disciplines including purity, contentment, austerity, study, and devotion.

Brahmadvara = inside Citrini-nadi.




51. The Devi who is Suddha-sattva pierces the three Lingas, and, having reached all the lotuses which are known as the Brahma-nadi lotuses, shines therein in the fullness of Her lustre. Thereafter in Her subtle state, lustrous like lightning and fine like the lotus fibre, She goes to the gleaming flame-like Siva, the Supreme Bliss and of a sudden produces the bliss of Liberation.


Suddha-sattva = a form of embodied Caitanya.

Pierces = passes through an obstruction.

Three Lingas = Svayambhu, Bana, and Itara in the Muladhara, Anahata, and Ajna-cakras respectively.






52. The wise and excellent Yogi rapt in ecstasy, and devoted to the Lotus feet of his Guru, should lead Kula-Kundali [sic] along with Jiva to her Lord the Para-siva in the abode of Liberation within the pure Lotus, and meditate upon Her who grants all desires as the Caitanya-rupa-Bhagavati. When he thus leads Kula-Kundalini, he should make all things absorb into Her.


Ecstasy = samadhi.

Caitanya-rupa-Bhagavati = the Devi who is the cit in all bodies.





53. The beautiful Kundali [sic] drinks the excellent red nectar issuing from Para-Siva, and returns from there where shines Eternal and Transcendent Bliss in all its glory along the path of Kula, and again enters the Muladhara. The Yogi who has gained steadiness of mind makes offering (Tarpana) to the Ista-devata and to the Devatas in the six centres (Cakra), Dakini and others, with that stream of celestial nectar which is in the vessel of Brahmanda, the knowledge whereof he has gained through the tradition of the Gurus.


Path of Kula = the channel in the citrini-nadi.

Vessel of Brahmanda = Kundalini.




54. The Yogi who has after practice of Yama, Niyama, and the like, learnt this excellent method from the two Lotus Feet of the auspicious Diksa-guru, which are the source of uninterrupted joy, and whose mind (Manas) is controlled, is never born again in this world (Samsara). For him there is no dissolution even at the time of Final Dissolution. Gladdened by constant realization of that which is the source of Eternal Bliss, he becomes full of peace and foremost among all Yogis.


Diksa-guru = the guru who initiated the yogi.

Final dissolution = samksaya= pralaya.

Eternal bliss = nityananda = Brahman.

Among all yogis = lit., "of the good."




55. If the Yogi who is devoted to the Lotus Feet of his Guru, with heart unperturbed and concentrated mind, reads this work which is the supreme source of the knowledge of Liberation, and which is faultless, pure, and most secret, then of a very surety his mind dances at the Feet of his Ista-devata.


Mind = cetas or citta.






This page was published on Realization.org on May 26, 2000.

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