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By Purnananda Swami


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The Visuddha Cakra


28. In the throat is the Lotus called Visuddha, which is pure and of a smoky purple hue. All the (sixteen) shining vowels on its (sixteen) petals, of a crimson hue, are distinctly visible to him whose mind (Buddhi) is illumined. In the pericarp of this lotus there is the Ethereal Region, circular in shape, and white like the full Moon. On an elephant white as snow is seated the Bija of Ambara, who is white of colour.



Moon = Mantra = here, "ham"

Ambara = the Ethereal Region




29. Of his Four arms, two hold the noose and goad, and the other two make the gestures of granting boons and dispelling fear. These add to His beauty. In His lap there ever dwells the great snow-white Deva, three-eyed and five-faced, with ten beautiful arms, and clothed in a tiger's skin. His body is united with that of Girija, and He is known by what His name, Sadha-Siva, signifies.


Noose = pasa

Goad = Ankusa

Gestures = mudras

Girija = mountain-born

Sada-Siva = ever-beneficent




30. Purer than the Ocean of Nectar is the Sakti Sakini who dwells in this Lotus. Her raiment is yellow, and in Her four lotus-hands She carries the bow, the arrow, the noose, and the goad. The whole region of the Moon without the mark of the hare is in the pericarp of this Lotus. This (region) is the gateway of great Liberation for him who desires the wealth of Yoga and whose senses are pure and controlled.


Mark of the hare = man in the moon.






31. He who has attained complete knowledge of the Atma (Brahman) becomes by constantly concentrating his mind (Citta) on this Lotus a great Sage, eloquent and wise, and enjoys uninterrupted peace of mind. He sees the three periods, and becomes the benefactor of all, free from disease and sorrows and long-lived, and, like Hamsa, the destroyer of endless dangers.


Sage = kavi

Three periods = past, present, and future.






31a. The Yogi, his mind constantly fixed on this Lotus, his breath controlled by Kumbhaka, is in his wrath able to move all the three worlds. Neither Brahma nor Visnu, neither Hari-Hara nor Surya nor Ganapa is able to control his power (resist him).


The translator has numbered this verse "31a" because it does not appear in the texts used by two of the three commentators on whom he relies.

Kumbhaka = retention of breath in pranayama

Ganapa = Ganesa



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