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Translated by Arthur Avalon


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Verses 1-10





[Preliminary Verse:] Now I speak of the first sprouting shoot (of the Yoga plant) of complete realization of the Brahman, which is to be achieved, according to the Tantras, by means of the six Cakras and so forth in their proper order.

  realization = nivarhah, lit., "accomplishment."




1. In the space outside the Meru, placed on the left and the right, are the two Siras, Sasi and Mihira. The Nadi Susumna, whose substance is the threefold Gunas, is in the middle. She is the form of Moon, Sun, and Fire; Her body, a string of blooming Dhatura flowers, extends from the middle of the Kanda to the Head, and the Vajra inside Her extends, shining, from the Medhra to the Head.


Meru = spinal column.

Siras = nadis, i.e., subtle channels for energy.

Kanda, lit. "bulb," located in the perineum.

Medhra = penis.




2. Inside her [Vajra] is Citrini, who is lustrous with the lustre of the Pranava and attainable in Yoga by Yogis. She (Citrini) is subtle as a spider's thread, and pierces all the Lotuses which are placed within the backbone, and is pure intelligence. She (Citrini) is beautiful by reason of these (lotuses) which are strung on her. Inside her (Citrini) is the Brahma-nadi, which extends from the orifice of the mouth of Hara to the place beyond, where Adi-deva is.


Pranava = the mantra Om.

The Brahama-nadi is the hollow space inside Citrini; they are not two separate nadis.

Orifice of the mouth of Hara = the opening at the top of the Svayambhu-Linga in the Muladhara.

Adi-deva = the supreme Bindhu in the pericarp of the thousand-petalled lotus.




3. She [Citrini] is beautiful like a chain of lightning and fine like a (lotus) fibre, and shines in the minds of the sages. She is extremely subtle; the awakener of pure knowledge; the embodiment of all Bliss, whose true nature is pure Consciousness. The Brahma-dvara shines in her mouth. This place in the entrance to the region sprinkled by ambrosia, and is called the Knot, as also the mouth of Susumna.


Bliss = sukha.

Consciousness = Suddha-bodha-svabhava.

Braham-dvaram = door of Brahaman, through which Kundalini passes.

Knot = Granthi-sthanam; the place where Susumna meets Kanda.

Ambrosia = Sudha; it flows from the union of Siva and Sakti.

The last sentence is reproduced accurately here from the printed original, despite its defective syntax.




4. Now we come to the Adhara Lotus. It is attached to the mouth of the Susumna, and is placed below the genitals and above the anus. It has four petals of crimson hue. Its head (mouth) hangs downwards. On its petals are the four letters from Va to Sa, of the shining colour of gold.

  Adhara Lotus = Muladhara-Cakra, the root cakra, the lowest one, located in the perineum.




5. In this (Lotus) is the square region (Cakra) of Prthivi, surrounded by eight shining spears. It is of a shining yellow colour and beautiful like lightning, as is also the Bija of Dhara which is within.


Prthivi = earth element.

Yellow is the color of the earth element.

Bija of Dhara = Bija of Prthivi, the earth Tattva or "Lam."




6. Ornamented with four arms and mounted on the King of Elephants, He carries on His lap the child Creator, resplendent like the young Sun, who has four lustrous arms, and the wealth of whose lotus-face is fourfold.

  This is the Dhyana of the Dhara-Bija. The Dhara-Bija is identical with that of Indra.




7. Here dwells the Devi Dakini by name; her four arms shine with beauty, and her eyes are brilliant red. Sheis resplendent like the lustre of many Suns rising at one and the same time. She is the carrier of the revelation of the ever-pure Intelligence.














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