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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 8

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Circle of Desire

The essence of liberation is in
    breaking the Circle of Desire

As an infant all you desired was food and comfort 
Then your desire for nice clothings and 'stuff ' 
   was so much necessary in your youth 
But as you 'matured',  your desires 'progressed' 
   to having spouse, house, wealth, and child too 
Then with 'age', when you have possessions, positions,           
   and credentials, you reach deep understanding of life
Now your mind desires, 'god' or enlightenment too
So from clothing, to spouse, to desire for 'god'
You imagine you've made great progress in life

In reality nothing has changed 
But the objects of your desires 
Know that the essence of liberation is 
In breaking the Circle of Desire

The rich and the poor
The servant and the master 
The 'grahastha'  and the 'sadhaka'
The disciple and the 'so-called spiritual man' 
And also all those still rooted
  in 'Longing' of  'some kind'
They're all equal in their illusions
Still Circumscribed by the Circle of Desire 

Do I 'know'?
Do I 'understand'?
How can I be attached, and still attain Liberation?  
Your so called progress is simply a change 
From one illusion to another 
Maybe from a material to a spiritual illusion 
But your life is still full of delusions

All your 'Actions' are 
   to 'gain' something and 'avoid' other things 
Your efforts for the future are affected by your past
You Forget in the process the 'present' is a Fact

Can you Act without any motive?

Just observe your every action 
It gives a 'Desired fruit'
   or may be an 'Undesired fruit' 
But is there a way you can act
  so  'no fruit' accrues to you ?

Know that without Renunciation
You cannot experience 'no fruit' 
Isn't that really the Truth?
But, Renunciation is not in the act
It cannot be learned nor taught
The secret is revealed to you
When you experience
   a state of  'Changeless Desire' 
You will know exactly how to live and act 
So 'no fruit' accrues to you 

You think you have progressed by having virtue of
  'Wanting nothing, Doing nothing, Being nothing'
But, aren't you still caught up in Circle of Desire?  

Be Aware and realize
From the Circle of Desire
Arises all ideas of acceptance and rejection 
How can pleasure and pain be absent
    while you are Perturbed?

Leave aside all 'ideas' of acceptance or rejection 
And remain Steadfast and Equanimous 
Then, through self-experience you'll know 
In Enlightenment
Pleasure and Pain don't dissolve 
Nor is there Freedom from their experiences 
But it's Wisdom that acts as an armor 
Protecting you from either pain or pleasure 
Any experience leave no imprint on the mind 
This is Freedom from the mind 
And it is 'this state of mind' 
That brings Freedom from all Actions

Be Aware 
You are always conscious of  'what Changes'
Can you be Conscious 
   of  'That which does not Change'?
Know that 'this state of mind' is the Essence 
   that brings liberation from the Circle of Desire 

It's when nothing else is wanted
   amazingly the Reality is right there!!

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