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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 6

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Truth is a pathless Oasis
Who can show you the path? 
Have faith in yourself alone 
And begin the inner walk

To experience Truth
Put all aside
All that you have heard 
All that you have ever read 
All knowledge of scriptures 
  and the philosophical tenets 
Put them all aside

Just be Aware of the Reality 
Of this moment within you 
Truth with a big T means
      -- "the truth about you"

Your own Awareness reveals 
Truth about your self 
...   ... though not the Ultimate Truth 
Next moment is your Next Reality 
And so on and on and on you walk 
From Each moment to next moment
Just be simply Aware 
Of the Reality that is within you   
Remain Equanimous
Each moment...    ...
...   ...   ...   as it arrives
Observe Through your Inner Eyes 
The inner play, of your Body and Mind 

As the inner walk progresses 
Awareness of space 
  and time ceases 
Now ... a miracle is happening 
Each moment of your daily life

Always remaining Equanimous 
Alone you walk  ...   ...   
   and walk  ...  and   ...   walk 
To the deeeeeeepest depth
Of your mind and heart 
To arrive at the Whole Truth

To live truthfully 
Let each moment of Truth 
Bring you 
To next moment of Truth 

So, from this moments Truth
   to the next moments Truth
From Truth to  Truth  ...  to Truth 
On this pathless path you move 
Until you finally arrive 
In this pathless journey
To the Oasis of Truth

Truth is so simple
   when revealed to you   
You will have the answer 
   of Why and How to live

As you continue your 'inner walk' 
The observer merges with the observed 
In a flash is revealed the Unknowable
The Truth -- the Self is now Known
Beyond all doubts

Are you eligible to experience Truth?

First understand the difference between
   a 'Grahastha' and a 'Sadhaka'
A 'Grahastha' is always a 'smart-person'
A 'Sadhaka' may be 'smart' but is also a 'good-person'

Do you know?
A 'smart-person'  lives and acts for 'self-gain'
A 'good-person'  lives and acts for 'gain-of-Self '

To experience Truth
Be a  'good person' 
Simply live and act for 'gain-of-Self '

Now don't hold on 
  to your pre-conceived ideas and beliefs
Let go of all your old conceptions 
Of  'good-person, smart-person,
    grahastha or Sadhaka ' 

In search of Truth
Be a 'Sadhaka'
Then you'll understand and see 
   the meaning that hide behind these words   

The Laws of Life are so very simple
If you know the Truth
This Truth brings total synthesis 
Between the 'Environment' and  'You' 
Inward -Outward you now exist 
In total peace and harmony

Be aware and perceive rightly
Then the words come alive and become meaningful 
If not, they are like writings on water
Soon to disappear into meaninglessness!!

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