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Pilgrimage to Self
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by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Samwad: A Beginning

Would you like to take a pilgrimage to Self?
If yes, then just walk together 
     holding the hand of our guru -- the Awareness
Throughout our journey 'Keep in mind'
That the words 'I,' 'my,' 'me' 
    represent our guru and not a person

As we begin our journey, remember
These words are not mine (the 'person')
     but, directly from our guru
The 'words' are never the 'Actual'
So Understanding is Now or Never
This 'Samwad' is to prepare your mind
Before we begin our journey

As we journey step by step 
Search earnestly for simple Truths 
In these silent words, you too can Discover 
Meaning after Meaning
Like multiple reflections in two parallel mirrors

This Attempt is, to 'Awaken' you
And Not to Teach You
Be aware, avoid  'Understanding' the Word-Play 
Mentally and Literally
Use your own Intuitive Sense		
To get More than What You Read   

Be a silent observer
And observe the Phenomenal-Interplay
The Truth is then Revealed 
Through inner-focus on your-self

The words are aimed to cleanse you
Of all your illusions, delusions
    and psychological confusion
So be aware and face the challenge
When the words hurt or upset you

Your own wrong perception
    stops you from seeing the Truth 
You now ignorantly see and feel in them
Lack of Compassion

When the surgeon operates  
Will you blame the surgeon 
     for causing you the pain? 
Don't you see his kindness
     while you experience pain? 

The pain of the blow is due to ignorance
How can the blows hurt 
     when they are not aimed at You?
The blows are to break all Chains that Bind you 
Realize Now
It's your existing thoughts that Chain you
Depriving you of your freedom
Agreeing or disagreeing is only an idea 
But the Real Essence is 
'Understanding' through Awareness 
That changes your Perception   
I make No-claim 
     to make you Understand your-Self 
You must Provoke yourself 
     to take the pilgrimage to Self 

Why judge or label anyone
     from what appears to be?
Your feelings come from the 'past' (memory) 
     that is continuously at-work
It's the 'past' that makes you insensitive 
  to the experience of the 'Present'

Learn to observe yourself factually 
While we are in relationship
If there is no change 
     in your own Perception 
Of what value is our relationship? 
If experiencing bliss and equanimity 
Remains an unknown secret for you 
What will you have gained from 'me'?

As you read
Know that these expressions in words
Took forms from source 'unknown' 
And though they carry 
     a Mark of my Individualism 
There's no Attachment
     nor has it any significance 
It's there simply to help you Link 
Outer expressions of the inner experiencing

Make a beginning Now
     to Unfold your own Self   
You too can take this journey 
     to discover the bliss in your Self                     

To some 
These expressions in words
     may be a Mystical-Nonsense 
And you too may ask
What is the use and purpose 
     of all this Mumbo-Jumbo?

'I' have no Purpose
Other than what Life Brings 
I simply wish, you too may find 
How to Live Life Happily 
Life free from all Complications 
Life free from all Entanglements

Know that it's
    through Doubt only 
You too can Reach 
    the state of Certainty
In these few poems are hidden
Compressed secrets of my own experiences

Be aware and perceive rightly
Then the words come alive and become meaningful 
If not, they are like writings on water 
Soon to disappear into meaninglessness!! 

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