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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 24

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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I  have spoken 
Just a few words
But much remains unsaid
For I  myself cannot speak 
What is in my 'Heart'
And reveal to you my deeper secrets

Each poem reveals
    a fresh approach indeed 
Each is complete
    though it's part of the Whole
Each poem arises 
    from an Awakening
To lift the veils 
    between You, Mind, and Self
So you too can make 
    contact with your Self
Even if you read the poems casually 
An occasional thought
     is sure to slip through your defenses
The words will spiral it's way into your heart
And break down barriers to Divine
But if you read them with Awareness
You let Grace Act 
   that brings serendipity in your Life   

Read them in your leisure moments
Let the words dwell in your heart
Give it time to work on your subconscious
Unexpectedly they'll blossom and spread its perfume  

You will be surprised to see
Just when you need it 
Revelations comes to you quite unexpectedly
Bringing you an insight and inner healing

Each step leads to another step 
So you too can discover 'that' 
Which is beyond the 'word knowledge'
As you take each step
Simply 'surrender' and be with your 'Guru'

If you still have some doubts, then realize
   the 'believer' is also the 'doubter'

Be inquisitive 
To unravel the Truth of  'Life'
Be Aware and Alert of  human endowments 
--  Your Self-Awareness
--  Your Conscience
--  Your Independent Will and Free Choice
--  Your Creativity 
Make full use of them
Then only 'Life' shall be free from life

'Jinendra' asks
Why do you want to believe simply in a 'god'
That's nice, benevolent, and takes care of you?     

'Jinendra' asks
Do you have the courage to believe in 'god'                
That's nice, benevolent, and takes care of you                  
But also
* Who want's you to attain 'His Wisdom'
* Who want's you to attain 'His Power'
* Who want's you to attain 'His Vision'
* Who want's you to attain 'His Position'
* Who want's you to attain 'His Identity'

On the path of the Pilgrimage to Self 
What 'Purushartha' is needed? 
* Just be Aware of your self 

Use your own Awareness
To evaluate and See
--  Do you let new insights slip away
--  Do you let new understanding die by In-Action?  
--  Do you drag yourself to move in a new direction?                              
--  Do you lack the will to move in the direction                          
      you have been avoiding?

Can you hear the whispers 
    of your own breath? 

Can you see the movements
    of your own thoughts?  

...  ...  ... You do not see?
...  ... ...   You do not hear?
But ...  ..  it's all right
Know that through the dense mist 
    dawns a clear bright day   
So shall the clouds
    that veils your 'eyes' and 'ears' 
Are bound to be blown away one day 
    by the winds of  'Right Knowledge' 
And on that beautiful clear day 
You too shall see
The Self
   and the purpose of all that exists

If my silence hides me from you
Be assured 
I shall seek your understanding 
Through the same words you now read
And as these words become 
  more kin to your own thoughts
The 'Truth' shall reveal itself to you

Then you too will 'Know'
That which  'My Guru' said
"There is No Creation
There is No Destruction
There is No Destiny
There is No Free Will
All there is, Is the Silence" 

Farewell ...  ...  to all
Let the Grace be with all

We have come together and taken 
The Pilgrimage to Self 
We have met in a 'dream' 
But Now the sleep has gone    

Our 'dream' is over 
But is there 'dawn'?

Together we walked 
Now we must part
But if we ever meet 
    in the world of thoughts   
We shall share again our experiences 
For I  Know
Awareness (Self) is before the Experience
Awareness (Self) is in the Experience
Awareness (Self) is after the Experience

Truth with a big T means 
  -- "the truth about you"
So make sure that each time you read 
You single-mindedly search
For a deeper understanding of yourself.

Again and again
Together we shall go  
On the Pilgrimage to Self 
Until one day 
You too will drink 
From the Same river of Silence 
Then your heart shall sing 
The sonnet that come effortlessly  
...  ...  and then
 you may ...  ...
...  ...  ...  continue this poem!
Om shanti, shanti, shanti!!


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