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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 23

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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What is Silence?
Why talk about 'Silence'
For all talk of silence is Noise

Awareness reveled to Me
When I acted to solve the conflict 
Of the 'known' from the 'Known'
All talk of silence is Noise

Helping others perceive the 'Known'
You get caught in the 'known'
Trying to modify 'known'
Making others aware of  'Known'
Can it bring an end 
   to their Misery and Sorrow?

Can our Actions
Arising from Conflict in any form
Inner or Outer
Conscious or Unconscious
Ever lead to others Enhancement?

To me Understanding at times 
Comes in a flash
Action in Inaction
  cannot be perceived by all 
I 'Perceive' it immediately 
While others don't even See it    
How can they Perceive what I See 
When it is not part of their Consciousness? 

My Inaction in Action
Cannot be perceived by all
So my Actions from the 'Known' 
Naturally leads to Conflict in their mind 
For my 'Known' is 'unknown' for them

To avoid this conflict
I must Not alter the 'known'
I must Not change the 'known'
Nor attempt to make others Aware of my 'Known' 
I simply remain Aware of the 'Known'

Let who-so-ever come in my Awareness
Let him part the way he is
Or with a sense of Enhancement 
But never with a sense of being diminished

You are not aware 'Silence' is Unity 
So you seek silence of many types
You seek
   Silence of environment
   Silence of speech 
   Silence of taste 
   Silence of senses 
   Silence of  "Raga, Dvesha, Moha" 
   Silence of the mind, and so on and on

Your focus is always on 'Silence of ' something
Be it  'some-thing'  gross or subtle
It's this objectification of silence, that leads you to 'Act'
In your perception now, this 'something' is 'Noise'   
You the 'subject' and that 'something' as the 'object' 
Once again you are caught up in the world of dualities 
Do you still hope to find 'Unity' through such 'Acts'?

The silence you 'know' is absence of  'something' 
The silence I 'Know' encompasses everything 
To 'Know' what this silence is
   'Silence' is the meditation

What kind of a relationship can there be 
Between one, only aware of the 'known'
   with the One,  aware of the 'Known'?
What is the relationship of 'Such' a Mind
    to a mind that is 'Not such' ? 
In such relationship there can be
Only communication but  No Communion

0nly when both 'See'
At the same 'Level'
At the same 'Time'
There can be Communion

So what does 'Such' Mind do?
It remains 'Aware', in his 'Mauna' 
'Silence' is the only Way
For he Knows
All talk from Silence is just noise for others!! 

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