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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 22

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Failure of Wisdom

On our pilgrimage to Self, know that
   'I'-'me' is our Guru -- the Awareness

I always had a question
What is wisdom ?
Those wise men told me 
-- It may come with age
    but is more than worldly experience alone 
-- It is Knowledge that cannot be taught
    but can only be known by direct experience 
-- It can be sensed around a wise person

As I earnestly moved 
On the pilgrimage to Self 
I persistently asked the wise one
How can I get wisdom ? 
Those wise men told me 
-- Be aware and remain Equanimous
     to all happenings within you

On the pilgrimage to Self 
I earnestly followed their instructions
Soon I started experiencing 
The power that comes from wisdom 
I experienced it and cognized it 
Soon there arose a different Awareness 
   that comes from birth of Wisdom 

Now I -- the Awareness
   lovingly share with everyone 
The secret of gaining wisdom 
Now in our daily interactions 
Arise many opportunities that reveal
The process of Right Perception that grant wisdom

People in their day-to-day interactions
  are never in the present 
Their mind is always moving
  either in the past or future matters
People see their happenings 
  as past, present and future
But is there anything Real other than the present?

Creativity is the activity of wisdom 
It arises and acts always in the present 
Be aware,  the solutions to all our problems 
  also lies in the present

Let us be aware and observe ourselves
Look at the pains we suffer, the loneliness encountered 
The experiences of disappointment and distress
    and all the attachments and aversions in life 
Isn't each experience a doorway to gaining Wisdom?
But we lose the opportunity to see beyond all illusions 
Is it not failure of wisdom to act in our life?

The solution, that  pure Awareness presents
   is a 'Software' for wisdom
Love for all naturally reveals Ways and Methods
So everyone may 'Learn to Observe' 

In our daily interactions
See how witnessing can increase
   our own capacity for Right Judgments   

But instead of seeing Wisdom in operation 
   we choose to perceive the process as carping 
Loosing in the process
   opportunity for gaining wisdom

Do you See how Wrong Perception 
  causes the failure of wisdom? 

In our daily life
When the problem is over and gone
  the solution given Now appears to be meaningless
Wrong perception makes one say
  "what's done, how can it be undone?"
At times in daily life
One is unable to see too far in the future
   the effects of his own action Now 
So all suggestions are bound to be ignored
   as the problems are invisible right Now

We focus on the Event
I focus on the Process 
Do we See how this difference in perception
  causes the failure of wisdom?

For me
The process of living is a Continuum
For me
The past is active in the present

For me 
The present is moving towards future 
For us 
Life is Discreet set of events
  divided by past, present and future   
And so we ignorantly search 
  for the Cause and Effect in the immediate events 

It's our Wrong Perception and Attitude 
That forms the base for all our actions 
   interpretations, and life's appraisal 
Do you See why we ourselves become 
   the cause for the failure of wisdom?

With each experience of pain or negativity 
Lies the opportunity 
   to challenge our Own Perception 
This Act can open for us 
   the gate to acquire wisdom

The wise Cannot Prevent us
   from our own learning and growing 
The wise Cannot Prevent us
   from letting our experiences influence us

Our experiences will move us
   to the right or to the left
We will ask the Wise 
   this question or that 
This is how in this Moment 
We create 
   and open the reality of our Choice 

Now, do you see
Why there is failure of wisdom to act in our life? 
Instead of choosing the path of Awareness
We choose
Learning through ignorance
   born out of our own fear, doubt, and lack of faith   
We choose
Not to let wisdom act in our life

Choose now to walk 
   on the vertical Path of Clarity 
The path of Conscious Action
   and Creative life 
Choose to learn from wisdom
It clears the relationship 
   between the personality and 'Self '
The knowledge you get
   helps you on your pilgrimage to Self

Jinendra asks
Do you know where is Ignorance? 
Do you know where is Knowledge?

Ignorance and Knowledge 
   are both in our mind  
But is gaining of Wisdom 
   through our mind? 
Is gaining of Wisdom
   an act of Grace?

No one asks
No one is interested

But, if someone were to seek earnestly
He too would find  
What those wise men discovered about Wisdom
--  It cannot be taught
    you have to sense it around the wise man 
-- It cannot come by itself with age or worldly      
    knowledge and experience    
-- It has to be seeked
    in earnest within yourself, in day-to-day life 
-- To gain wisdom, Be Aware and remain Equanimous
     to all happenings within you

Now do you see 
Why you act the way you do?

You act the way you do
For you think  ' i am right ' 
But you never choose to know
'Who am i?' 
This  i is the root cause
   of failure of wisdom to act in our life

Be aware and perceive rightly
Then the words come alive and become meaningful 
If not, they are like writings on water 
Soon to disappear into meaninglessness!!

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