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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 20

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Sadhana: First and Last Step

A seeker of Truth is a Sadhaka
The process of seeking is Sadhana
In Sadhana
  --  Self is the goal of Sadhana
  --  Self-observation is the Sadhana
  --  Awareness is the only tool necessary 

In sadhana 
  take each step with 'right Perception'
In sadhana 
  take each step with 'right understanding'

First understand --  who is a 'Sadhaka'?
  Seeker of
  Diving within
  Himself and remains
  Keeping himself in

Lets understand what is 'Self '
  State of
Lets understand what is  'self '
  state of

Lets understand what is  'ego '
  Energy detaching
  God from

In Sadhana, avoid the pitfalls
Arising due to your own ignorance
Understand with clarity
"Faith, Doership, Surrender, Guru,
  Grace, lack of Energy and Motivation etc."

The First Step in sadhana
Starts with observation within your own body
The Last step in sadhana
Is the beginning of Cosmic Vision

Start with a clear understanding 
And develop a Cosmic Perspective 
In this body you are a child of the Cosmos 
'This Faith' will one day turn into a Fact 
When you chance upon your Own Reality

You believe in Facts
But you have no Facts of God
So you say, "I lack faith"    
But do you understand
It's Faith repeatedly confirmed
  that eventually turns into a Fact 

Faith is a quality inborn in all of us
It is there, right from our birth
Faith is the thread 
That binds us with ourselves 
   and others with us in a relationship  

Take a moment and ponder  
How do you know you were born?
Do you have any experience
  and memory of being born?
Isn't it the power of faith
  that relieves you from such unprovable queries? 
So be assured we are all endowed
  with that wonderful power called 'faith'

Just like the rain happens 
The wind blows, the Sun rises
The flower blossoms spreading its perfume 
So too in our life 'Everything Happens' 
But you live in delusion that 'I Do' 
Until you 'See' and experience
The Source that makes 'All Happen'

Is 'Surrender' a way of  'unburdening'? 
If it is escapism
How can there be self- empowering? 
Know that 'Surrender'
Doesn't make things happen automatically   
It only changes your Perception
  to let 'Grace' do things miraculously 
You'll be amazed how things 'just happens'
  on Surrendering truly
Guru is absolutely necessary 
But you need  not make any deliberate efforts
Guru will be there 
When you are Ready and Right
Know that all your efforts are of the ego 
Ego may lead you to a 'Shushka Gnyani' as Master

The Master may know all the right-words 
And quote all the right-scriptures 
He may be brilliant in his discourses
And so you think he is a 'Gnyani'
But his words are like the sound
Emanating from the black-smith's bellows
Which does breathe in and out, and make sound 
But knows not what is 'Life '

You still think
"I must make efforts to find my Guru" 
OK, but the only efforts needed right now
   is to make your own Awareness your guru
Guru is only a means to your end
How can it be the aim of your sadhana?
Your aim is to know your-self
   as ' Sat-Chit-Anand', the 'Changeless-you'

Start your walk Now
Move on from wherever you are Now
Move along life doing your 'sadhana'   
Till you reach a point
Then on your way one day
When you are 'Ready' and 'Right' 
You'll just meet your Guru 
   effortlessly and by chance

Don't say, 'I have no Energy to do Sadhana'
Even the Weakest is endowed with it  
Energy enough for at least 'One Step '
Take Now your 'One step' -- the First Step  

'One Step' is the way of living in the present
In 'One Step' there is no memory of past steps
So start afresh and take your 'One Step' 
One Step  ...One Step  ... and on ... and on you walk
Until  ...   ...  there are no steps to go 
This is your One Step, -- The Last Step

One Step is the secret
   to keep growing in your 'sadhana'
One Step protects you 
   from the deadly virus 'Excuse' 
One step is the elixir 
That grants you the power to live in present
Right from the First Step to the Last Step
   the power of  'Grace ' protects you 
   from the tamasic negative energy of Laziness

Understand how 'free will'
  and 'free choice' works in your daily life 
Observe the 'Urge'  within you 
Whenever you really desire things 
   this Urge makes you seek and make efforts    
It's the same 'Urge' that one day
Shall seek Understanding and Liberation 
Liberation is inevitable in its own time 
But can you use your 'free will' and 'free choice'
To create the 'Urge'
  that makes you seek Liberation Right Now

Self-search is not a matter of easy or difficult 
You have only two alternatives 
You choose
Either you take up this Self-search or you don't 
The Choice is yours alone

As a sadhaka choose consciously 
To live life with 'Right Religion'
But first know and understand  
How we live with 'False Religion'

What is the 'False Religion'? 

Thinking cannot give you the answer 
Just observe your-self with awareness 
Observe all other people 
With the same intense awareness 
Do you see?   ...   ...
Have you found the answer ?  ...   ...
Don't be misled by the simplicity of the answer 
For few have the 'Sense' to trust the truth
  that is obvious, innocent, and simple

The fact is
-- All religiously worship their own Body, Senses, and mind
-- All spend their life satisfying the Body, Senses, and mind 
Know This to be the 'False Religion' practiced by All 

Choose Now 
Not To Live with 'False Religion'
Be a 'sadhaka' and choose consciously 
To live with 'Right Religion'

'Self-observation' with Pure Awareness
   is the only Way to Know 'Who Am I?' 
But when you observe your-self
It is your own past beliefs and facts that arise
   and wrongly convince you of  'who I Am' 

Your past experiences are your only proofs 
But have faith on your Pure Awareness 
And Give room for New Perceptions  
Let your New experiences be True or False
But can you deny the 'experience itself '?

As a sadhaka just remember, in your 'Sadhana' 
Transitory Experiences serve no purpose  
Even if it be a grand vision or unique experience
   of  "God, Light, Scent, Jyoti or Nad" 
Remain unattached to your feelings
  emotions, and experiences in 'Sadhana' 
You will yourself Realize
These Experiences are simply milestones
   on your pilgrimage to Self

As you progress in your 'sadhana' 
You perceive differently your own experiences 
You too will rightly come to the same conclusion    
'Siddhis' are available
But of no use in discovering the 'Self '
'True Conviction' comes automatically 
When by chance
Like a lightning in the sky 
You experience 'That' which is 'Changeless'

Once you have experienced your 'Self ' 
No other proof is necessary 
Now,  for you 'The Self ' the world totally changes
Outwardly you continue to live the way it used to be 
You Know, for all others the world is still the same 
Until they too one day experience the 'Self '

When the 'Witnesser' is not witnessing anything 
Being with Self comes naturally
'Sadhana' brings about an effortless change in you 
There is now no difficulty ' to refrain'
   from 'unnecessary'  work and actions
Effortless living comes naturally now
   because of being in a state of Let-go
Real sadhana is to continue 
   emptying yourself completely
Until you loose your name and form
  and the 'person' doesn't exist

The Last step in sadhana
Is the beginning of Cosmic Vision 
When you experience
Even a minute infinitesimal change in you 
Causes a change in your universe    

You now know 
  that  "Guru, God, Brahman, Atman" 
  are all one -- the 'Self '
You now realize what AWARENESS is
  Arises and
  Existence of
  Self in

You now realize what LOVE is
  Living among
  Others with

You now realize the essence of  LIFE

You now know the secret of  LUCK
  Listening absolutely leads to understanding
  Understanding absolutely leads to conviction
  Conviction absolute leads to 
  Knowledge absolute   

In our 'Daily-life' 
  second-hand information is quite all right
But the same laws do not work on the Spiritual path
We ignorantly seek knowledge from without 
When True knowledge is Within

In your search for 'Self '
Search alone within your-self ,  for your own-Self
  --  For Self is the Instrument
  --  For Self is the Force
  --  For Self is the Destination
Each must do his own sadhana
Each must find his own way 
  from Uniqueness to Universality 

Be aware and perceive rightly
Then the words come alive and become meaningful
If not, then they are like writings on water
Soon to disappear into meaninglessness!!

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