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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 17

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Truth is Limitless
Truth is Unconditional
Truth is Unapproachable
Then how can you Organize it
In Limited Forms and Words ?
And you think, Samyag-Gnyan is possible
Simply through discourses or reading scriptures

Truth is Unknowable
Can you 'follow' the Unknowable?
Can Knowable take you to the Unknowable?
Then how to Know the Unknowable?
The 'Knower' (person) of the Unknowable
  is 'himself ' not the Unknowable
How can simply following the 'Person'
   bring you to the Unknowable ?

Some Accept no God or Atman
You Accept there is God, Atman
Is there a Real difference
Between you and him?

You call yourself a Hindu
   a Jain, a Buddhist, a Muslim
   a Sikh, a Christian, or a Vedantin
Do you see the Real Fact?  

Are we all not products of
  our own ' Programming'? 
Am I not in bondage
  because of my own Minds Programming?
Can I hope for freedom
Without seeking and recognizing the Programmer? 
Can you see this Fact?
Does this Fact hold any meaning for you?

You seek Samyag-Gnyan
As if it is some object
Realize now, it cannot be taught or learned
But it is experienced, when you sense the Self

How to get Samyag-Gnyan?
First Know if you are Ready and Right 

Be Alert   ...   ...
Be Aware of these facts
If there is conflict in your consciousness
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!
If ideas and rituals of religion have 
  authority over your mind
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!
If your memory has authority over your mind
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!
If you imitate or adopt another's knowledge
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!
If you evade or continue evasion of any kind
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!
If you just believe in self-discipline and strain for it
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!  
If you believe in exalted ideal and await revelation
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!  

If you spend your time in psychological analysis
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!
If you cling to images, symbols, ideas, then too 
Samyag-Gnyan is not possible!
If ... ... ... ?
If only, you stop Clinging to your thoughts 
Then thoughts cease to affect 'you' 
Breaking in the process 
The cycle of  'Asrav' and 'Bandh' 
And when you remain Equanimous 
It leads to 'Samvar' and 'Nirjara'  
Freeing you of the 'Karma' 
  that causes your 'bondage' 

Realize this now
To break the chain of 'Karma' 
First Stop Reacting
To the dictates of your 'Programmed Mind '
Realize what binds you to your own Ignorance
Then  ... ... ...... ...  may be
Samyag-Gnyan is possible 

Self Observation with Awareness is the 'Key' 
To see our minds invisible Program 
In the Acceptance of this Fact 
Lies the 'Act'
That starts dissolving this Program  

Perception of a Programmed Mind 
   is not the Right Perception 
Your Mind must be completely deprogrammed 
  to discover the Real  
When you Realize
  "To think absolutely clearly 
     the only way is, not to think at all"
Then 'Right Perception' dawns
'Samyag-darshan' is  'The Way'
To discover Real from Unreal

Simply pause after each question
  and contemplate as you read 
Did you Observe the Operation 
  of your Own Mind ?
Did you like certain things
  or dislike other things ?
As you read
Did you Accept something 
  or you reject other things ?
As you read
Did you agree with something
  or disagree with other things?

Now just observe without any judgment
Is your mind filled with hesitation
  Comparison or Disapproval?

Be Aware
Just see this fact as Fact
Realize this hear and Now   
There is always some 'distraction'
  in the Process of our Perception 

Is it not our Programmed Mind 
  that stops us from 'Right Perception'?

Realize that Samyag-darshan 
  is in the Perception of Truth   
Truth that exists in the Moment 
  which is Here and Now

Jinendra asks
How can you Perceive the New 
  without a Free Mind ? 
First unburden the 'Past' 
  to make room for the New 
Only then it is possible 
  to perceive the fact as Fact 
This process takes you beyond thought 
  and you perceive that which is Real

Your conflicts, problems and sorrows 
  are created by your own 'Charitra' 
But the Way out of all your miseries 
Comes easily 
   through Samyag-Darshan-Gnyan

You may start 
On a great Enquiry
  of  'Who Am I'?
But the journey is too short 
Because of this programmed mind  

'Aham Brahmasmi' or
'Mai Atman Hoon'
Is Truth all right
But in the 'Present', it is Only a Belief 
  of your own Programmed mind

You have faith in an 'unknown'  
But faith or Belief is only a hypothesis   
It is Not a Fact
   arrived through self-experience 
How can it be a Fact
When you don't experience It?

The Search for Truth
Requires a mind
With 'No Programming' 
Why clutter and burden your mind 
With another new Programming?

Truth to you is unknown
Searching what you do not Know
Will always remain Unsearchable
So leave the 'Atman'
  and 'Supreme-Self ' alone 

Begin first to understand 'Yourself '
Understanding Yourself
-- Is beginning of Wisdom
-- Is beginning of Self-Knowledge
-- Is beginning of Samyag-Darshan
-- Is beginning of Samyag-Gnyan   

In our daily life, we live unaware 
  of our links with everything else 
In Samyag-darshan
You See without distortion 
The Fact that is 'I am'
In this changed perception 
You now see and experience 
The underlying 'Unity'
  of all 'Jiva' and 'Ajiva'  
Samyag-darshan is not an act
It's the Awareness you are in 
You enter 'Real Meditation'
When you know your-Self 

Live Life in 'Real Meditation'
That's 'Living in Truth'
The real significance
  is in Knowing the 'Fact' 
That It is present Here and Now

Understand Now
To have Samyag-Darshan
  and Samyag-Gnyan
The only Pre-requisite
Is to have a Deprogrammed Mind

You may call This Deprogrammed Mind
'New Mind', 'No-Mind', 'Silent Mind'
'Higher Mind', 'Void' or 'Virgin-Mind'
'Free Mind', 'Un-conditioned Mind'
You may name This Mind, This or That
But it does not change the Fact   
Understand with Clarity
What you have just read 
Be cautious and put your prejudices aside
So that this whole exercise is not meaningless

In search of Ultimate Knowledge 
Solve the 'Three Riddles' you encounter 
  and establish your 'Link' with 'Atman'
'Samyag-darshan' is the 'Mastery of Awareness'
Which solves the 'Riddle of Mind'
The 'person' experiences 
Full scope of his own Awareness and Perception

'Samyag-Charitra' is the 'Art of Behavior' 
Which solves the 'Riddle of the Heart' 
The 'person' experiences Love, Unity and Bliss
He now lives and acts with
'Karuna', 'Mudita', 'Upeksha' and 'Maitri' 
The 'person' is now in alignment with 'Self '

'Samyag-Gnyan' is the 'Mastery of Intent'
Which solves the 'Riddle of Atman'
The 'person' experiences 
Projection of his thoughts and actions 
Beyond the limitations of his 'person'

Know that Samyag-darshan-gnyan-charitra 
Are different stages of evolution of the 'person'
Samyag-Darshan opens the gate to
Samyag-Gnyan and Samyag-Charitra   

Now after all this Understanding 
Don't take Refuge in your memory 
Don't attack or reject 
  the message you've received

Let your Perception be free 
And experience the significance 
  of whatever you read
Look at it verbally
Or comprehend it intellectually
Accept it or Reject it 
But,  give it a Chance
  with a 'De-clutched' and 'Aware Mind'

A Deprogrammed Mind
Is it an Idea or a Fact?
A Deprogrammed Mind
Is it a useless, inert mind? 

A Free Mind is a Fact
It's Completely Alive and Alert 
Being Absolutely Free
It can Perceive 'That' which is Unknowable
Know that Samyag-darshan-gnyan-charitra
Is 'The Way' to take pilgrimage to your-SELF!!

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