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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 16

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Behind each creation, there is an Invisible Intelligence 
Biologically you are born from a cell
The sperm and the egg, form a human cell
The DNA in each cell has unlimited intelligence
From the Past, it takes about 6 billion genetic codes 
   to prepare your blue print of life
In the Present, it regulates 
   over 100 trillion cellular functions of the body
In the Future, the entire lifetime of events
   will unfold in precise sequence 
The Past, the Present and the Future
    are all simultaneously right there in a single cell

In each one of us a complex program is at work 
   that coordinates between the Neurotransmitters, 
   Messenger molecules, Hormones, Enzymes, 
   Cells and the Nervous system
But have you ever wondered 
 Who is the Programmer of this complex program?

From Knowledge arise all Intelligence 
Knowledge is a quality inherent in Source or Programmer
The sages for convenience call this 'Source'
"I, Self, Atman, Soul, Life, God, Awareness, Consciousness"

Einstein proved what our ancient sages knew long ago
In nature " Nothing can be created nor destroyed 
   but simply changes forms "  
Can  "Source's" existence today, be from non-existence? 
If I existed in the sperm, or the egg, or the cell
How can I  be non-existent before I  was the cell? 
Then am I the cell or the sperm or the egg? 
I existed before I  became a cell, that became the body   
It is I  which Is in the sperm, egg, cell, and the body
As I  existed before this body
How can I  be Non-Existent without this bod?
I exist not only now
   but existed in past, and will exist in future 
 Now do  you understand
   why this I is Eternal Existence?

You know you were once a cell?
It's the cell which became the fetus, then an infant,
  then a child,  a youth, an adult and finally an old man 
Aren't you the 'same' who has taken all these forms?
Don't you feel the unity of I  in all these varied  forms?
Then who or what is this unchanging 'me', the  I
   in all these changing forms ?
Einstein talks about Changing Nature, 
  but the nature of this I  in me is Changeless
Then how can I  be part of this changing 'Nature'? 
Now do you understand 
  why this I is Changeless and beyond  'Nature'?

Be convinced right now 
'I  am'  Knowledge, Changeless, and Exist Eternally
But the Truth of this knowledge can be known
   only through self-experience of this I 
One day you too will reach this Reality   

But, how to reach this I?  
Look within microscopically, with your 'minds eye'
Remain detached and equanimous to all experiences
As your sensitivity to the subtle experiences increase
Many trillions of atoms are at play in a Symphony 
Every pore of your body, is experienced as pulsating

Know that your atoms are billions of years old 
And will live for many billions of years more 
Isn't 'death of a body' at gross level 
    simply a change at atomic level?

Do you know why we celebrate birth-day yearly? 
In reality 'The atoms' you are Now made-up of  
   will not be there  'A Year from Now'
In a year's time you are 'totally new atomically'
The 'old you atomically' ceases to exist 
'This body' is non-existent every one year 
Unaware you take on a new body every year
No wonder your ignorance, causes fear of Death
Know that death is the birth-day of your new body 
You may still think death is an awful event
    awaiting you in the future
Where as in actuality you die every moment
Each moment you are being subtly transformed 
Death is just another gross transformation 

Birth and Death 
Are simply two gross events 
    in this continuous process of your transformation   

But there is no loss or gain for the I 
   in this unending cycle of transformation  
Experiencing Death while being Alive 
You'll discover for yourself what Death is 
Death by itself is neither positive nor negative 
Death is not an end-point you call extinction 
Stand outside this arena of  'Change' 
And perceive 'Change'  from domain of  'Non-change'

Mahavir through his Self-experience 
   preached the universal principle of  'Anekantavad '
Millenniums  later Einstein's Quantum Physics proved 
   what Mahavir expressed through his  'Anekantavad '
Our accepted Way of Perception is false
And that's how the 'Theory of Relativity' was born 
He taught us that our physical body is an 'Illusion'
The same is true for All Forms in our Universe 
No two persons share exactly the same Universe 
For there is no Reality apart from the Observer 
' Samyag-Darshan'- 'Right Perception' is the Way
For each one of us to Know and Experience 
The  Reality that is right here

Only between birth and death you think Life flows 
Discover for yourself, in Reality, Life is an Eternal flow 
This discovery will reveal to you the nature of the I 
I  that is Knowledge, Changeless, and Exist Eternally

Be aware and perceive rightly
Then the words come alive and become meaningful 
If not, they are like writings on water 
Soon to disappear into meaninglessness!!

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