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Pilgrimage to Self
Page 12

by Jinendra Swami

Copyright 1999 Jinendra Swami.

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Be Clear ... ... ... 
All Forms (name & form) decay Inevitably

Be Clear ... ... ...
Think... ...
Think again ...  ... 
Contemplate ...  ...
Contemplate till you see the fact 
All Forms decay Inevitably 
Be Clear 
Of this Fact 
It will lead you to other Facts

Be Clear ...  ...
The 'Original Teachings' have no fault
But they come to us in manifested form
Be it the Scriptures of this religion or that
Be it the teachings of this Master or that
Be it Who-so-ever.... or What-so-ever
'Their Reality' comes to us in 'forms' 
But all Forms decay Inevitably 
Then how to find Reality?

Be clear ...  ...  
Can any Form be your Authority? 

Be Aware   ...  
All Religions are but frozen thoughts of man   
Your Own Opinions and Ideas  
  are frozen thought forms too
All Forms decay Inevitably 
Then how to find Reality ?

Are you Clear ? ...  ... ... 
Do you now 'know' and 'understand' ?

Be Clear ... ... ...
See how Perception of Real grows

Be Clear ... ... ...
First know the false as False
Then Awareness of the 'Truth' will dawn 
It is the recognition of  false as 'False' 
That lets Perception of Real grow

Be Clear ... ... ...
see how Perception of Real grows

Meet Life face to face 
To See and Know the Facts from facts 
Then, though everything remains same as before 
You see them differently Now 
This is how New Perception dawns
Then, suddenly one day
It's like entering a new dimension 
And you end up shouting 'Satori ' 
That's how Perception of Real grows

Be Clear ... ... ...
See how Perception of Real grows

Do not Act as you 'feel ' 
  but Act as Life demands    
Act not ... ... in Reaction
  to let ... ... the Real Act
For it's only in the 'Action' 
  with no Inner Obstacles 
That the Real Acts 
That's how Perception of Real grows

Be Clear ... ... ...
What's in Knowing Everything 
When you Know not your own Being 
Look within yourself
  to know the Nature of your own Being 

Be Clear ... Be Aware  ... Be Alert  ...
Understand 'All the Laws' 
   that affect your own Being 
It's 'The Way' to reach from Being to Reality

Be Clear ... ... ...
Know the Nothingness of this 'i'
To which you Unknowingly hang-by 
You shall then Know and discover
This 'i'  as
   the distilled essence of our own stupidity
This 'Understanding' is necessary
To grow from Being to Reality
Be Clear ... ... ...
It is this 'i '
  that makes us run in Circles 
Misguided by our twin Reactions 
  to pleasure-Pain of Life    
Be Clear ... ... ...
Pleasure and Pain are just Incidents 
  in the process of our Living
Can it be The Laws
By which one must be living ? 

Be Clear ... ... ...
See how Perception of Real grows

Be Aware ... ... ...
Pleasure-Pain are Always There 
  in the magical movements of Life 
Can escape from Pain 
  or attainment of Pleasure 
Be the Goal of our Life? 

Let Pleasure-Pain be just there 
Let them come and go 
Coming-going is their very Nature 
Are you Now Aware ?
Be Clear ... ... ...
Through Awareness of this Truth 
   you'll experience Ecstasy 
It's then that you'll short-circuit 
   and All other Dualities

Be Clear ... ... ...
Concentration is a habit 
A habit so hard to break 
Demanding in the process
Wasted Time and Efforts
Be Clear ... ... ...
Be Aware ... ... ...   
Be Aware of your own Consciousness
See how Perception of Real grows

Are you Aware?
Consciousness has Content
Consciousness has Perception
Consciousness has Emotions
Consciousness has Feelings

Be Clear ... ... ...
Awareness has Consciousness

Be Clear ... ... ...
Is this Awareness Unaffected by
  what's In Consciousness ?

Remain Equanimous 
  then it will be a self-experience
Consciousness keeps on Varying
Awareness remains Unvarying

Dissociate yourself Emotionally
From all that your Consciousness IS
Be Natural and Spontaneous
For that's where Awareness IS

Be Clear ... ... ... 
Be Aware   ...   ...
To know and experience
'That' which is Truth
Awareness is All there IS
Be Clear ... ... ...  
Liberation is not a conversion 
  to another 'Set of Ideas' 
But Freedom is Liberation from 
  all your existing 'Ideas'    
True Freedom is liberation from 
All 'Conditionings' in life

Truth is not Some-Thing
That some-where you can find
It's in This Moment of Living
Ever-Present Here and Now 

Be aware and perceive rightly
Then the words come alive and become meaningful 
If not, they are like writings on water
Soon to disappear into meaninglessness!!

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