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Autobiography of a Monk
By Shri Acharya Abhidhyanananda Avadhuta


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Author's Introduction


When someone asks me how I ended up where I am, I tell them that everyone follows their heart and their bliss -- as contained by their self-imposed fears and limitations and inspired by the Divine Plan.

The same is true for me. In early childhood, death stalked me with disease as it stalks us all every moment of our life -- and strikes without warning or mercy. Being aware of its unpredictable advent makes every minute of our lives acutely precious, for any particular minute may very well be the last one we have. I try to live my life in the knowledge that every instant is pregnant both with the unpredictability of death and the inevitable realization of eternal life.

-- Acharyaji


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This page was published on Realization.org on May 25, 2000.

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