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Family Finances

We're not talking big bucks here. Anybody want to work for free?


This is an old edition of this page. The current page is here.

March 17, 2000

I found it encouraging to read here that Salon and Slate -- the two best-known web magazines -- are losing money just like us, except in larger quantities.


March 17, 2000

We just added a gorgeous photograph to our Advice for Beginners page. Since most people probably won't look there, here's a copy.

It's a picture of Ava De Schryver taken by her daddy, Jacques De Schryver. His website is here.




March 11, 2000

I was just informed that some readers think my remarks from two weeks ago (see below) are complaints.

They think I was complaining because we're broke. They think I was complaining because we need to rely on volunteers.

Talk about misunderstandings.

For the record, I was not complaining. Joking, yes. Bragging, yes. But complaining? Absolutely not.

I'm proud that we publish this website on a budget of thirty dollars a month. I think that's a good thing.

(This is not a request for donations. We don't want donations. Thirty dollars a month is all we need, and we have it.)

And I'm proud that every single person who contributes to this site does it for free, as a volunteer.

And I'm proud that we are inviting as many people as possible to work on this site. The more people who contribute, this less this site will reflect the limitations of its originators' egos, and the more it will reflect the wholeness of everything.

I think that's a very good thing.

And now I had better go meditate and watch this paroxysm of pride dissolve into something more sattvic.


February 26, 2000

Would you like to know how poor we are? Well, we're so poor that we can't afford to pay writers for their work.

Our editor, who has to explain this depressing fact almost every day to potential contributors, says it sometimes provokes disbelief. Apparently this site is so professional-looking, or commercial-looking, or something-looking, that people simply cannot believe there's nothing behind the scenes here except some volunteers working from home for free and thirty megabytes of rented server space.

But it's true. We're penniless. And I'm going to prove it by throwing open the secret financial books of our vast enterprise and letting you see for yourself.

Let's start with income. When people click one of our bookstore links and make a purchase, we get a commission. In the ten weeks that this site has been operating, we've earned $26.09 from Amazon and $10.60 from Barnes and Noble, for a total of $36.69.

I wish I could say more about income, but unfortunately that was all the income we had, so let's move on to expenses.

We spent $115 to register our domain name, $106.75 for HTML editing software, $29.95 per month for three months (so far) to rent server space, $94 to a company that registered our URL with 1500 search engines, and $150 to buy 15,000 banner ads to attract more readers. That comes to $555.60.

Now, these numbers may not seem very big. But they are the only numbers we have. So let's go wild and make a consolidated statement of cash flow out of them, just like real websites do.

Consolidated Cash Flow Statement
for Realization.org

From start of operations to date (Feb. 24, 2000)

      Money in
      Money out
      We owe*
*The money was laid out by a volunteer who works on this site.

The bottom line is, we won't be going public anytime soon.

Now let me guess what you're thinking. You're thinking, "What about those annoying banner ads at the bottom of every page? Don't those things rake in big bucks?"

Well, no. The deal with the banner ads is, we let a banner exchange company put a banner at the bottom of each of our pages for free. In return, every two times that somebody sees one of those ads, the company displays a banner ad for Realization.org one time on somebody else's site. We don't pay or receive money for this. (And we don't get much advertising value either. Fewer than one hundred people have come to our site via banner ads since we started. But that's another story.)

The most pitiful thing about our finances is that I'm only halfway down the page and already I've said everything.

Luckily there's something else I'm supposed to talk about: volunteers. Yes, now that I've explained why writers work for us for nothing, it's time to ask you to work for nothing.

We need help with three jobs: copyediting, proofreading, and link arranging.

Copyediting means rewriting (or helping the author rewrite) an article. Some articles only need a few quick repairs to spelling and punctuation. Others require us to delete redundant or irrelevant sections, rearrange what's left, write transitional sentences, polish up the syntax, etc.

Proofreading means (to us, we've modernized the term) fixing mistakes on our published webpages such as mispellings, bad links, inconsistent capitalization, grammatical errors, etc. (Since we reprint a lot of material from other websites without editing it, such mistakes easily creep in.)

Link arranging means you send emails to other websites and arrange for them to publish a link to our site in exchange for our link to theirs.

If you'd like to help out with any of these three tasks, please send us an email at editor@realization.org.


Marilyn Cootsis
Volunteer Publisher



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December, 1999


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