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The Dance

I've learned to keep my dancing shoes on




THERE WAS A PERIOD when all the different spiritual works came together. For me, it was as if the Lord or Shiva or Grace came and whispered in the ear of my soul, "Can I have this dance?"

Oh, how hard I had worked on inner hearing! All the different techniques I had practiced, all the things I had heard and read, as if saying, "When the Lord of the dance comes he will do the waltz so learn that one... or, no no, it will be the cha-cha... or..."

Practice, practice much and diligently. Basically the many paths spoke of learning the steps, putting on fine soul garments (and comfortable shoes!)... as if the Descent of Grace looks across the ballroom of our world and picks as Its partners the beautiful ones who have worked hardest.

When Grace took my hand I felt utterly embarassed. I knew that I was very good at all the steps but now -- oh my! -- little inadequate me would be clumsy and step on feet.

Then I learned that The Dance is not two together but a flow of One.

I don't get spine tingles or rushes of Kundalini but rather, now, for me, it is like a warm, large hat that when it is on, makes me feel extremely light. It enters from above coming into the head as a warm honey sweetness, then falls downward to the chest. I must be weird because when I am like that, the lower centers are hardly felt at all.

Sometimes I am giddy in a spiritual intoxication where everything is in slow motion. I would describe it as "wearing a hat," not a feeling of pressure but the sense that I am "sitting" in the crown. I can go about my work from here but not on a daily basis; I slip and get too involved in the world.

For me, opening my eyes is fine but once the mental gets involved, it begins slipping away. There are certain points in this awareness where I cannot speak. It is physically very difficult. I have not understood this but don't feel a great need to. I also know that forcing the issue and making myself speak does work but begins to chip away at what I want to hold on to. Sometimes when visiting with certain people we both know that we are both sitting in the crown and talking from there. It's a place where really no conversation or contact is needed. It's a state of being rather than just a quiet understanding or a pal thing.

What I find interesting is that I never know when IT is going to hit. I can be doing the most mundane chores; I am just full of gratitude and consider IT a grace. IT comes more frequently now and also lasts much longer as I am getting more adept at sitting in the crown and dancing from the heart. In the past I would use methods and sometimes be very disappointed.

What I found worked for me was to do the methods and then just continue in a purity of thought, word, and deed and then... IT happens. I would go in and out of techniques and then wait. I think the waiting and the purity are the most important stages. Work on the inner planes takes time. And then that very important time of no work, staying in a quiet knowing. This is what I have learned...

To keep my dancing shoes on.

Copyright 2000 Maureen Heffernan

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This page was published on May 23, 2000.

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