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How Master Charles Met Swami Muktananda

A look at a photograph brought him face to face with the Divine.


  Master Charles


This article is an excerpt from Master Charles's autobiography, The Bliss of Freedom: A Contemporary Mystic's Enlightening Journey. It's reprinted here with permission.

In this excerpt, Master Charles describes his first contact with Swami Muktananda, the world-renowned Indian mystic and teacher who was to figure so prominently in his life.

IT WAS AN EARLY SPRING DAY IN 1970, shortly before my twenty-fifth birthday, and I was visiting friends who had just returned from a business trip to India and other Far Eastern countries. While sharing their travels with me, they talked about having met an enlightened master in India. They seemed most devout as they described the encounter, for he had impressed them with his illumination, and they had experienced deep spiritual inspiration.

They asked if I would like to see a photograph of him. When I agreed, they handed me a small card designed like a temple with folding flaps for doors. I opened it casually and looked at the black-and-white photograph of the man inside. If I had a million words, I could not adequately describe the magnitude of what I experienced over the next few hours.

As I focused on the photograph, my eyes seemed to lock in an open gaze, and my whole body followed, relinquishing all volitional control. The photograph dissolved into a whirlpool of scintillating, hallucinogenic energy. I was immersed in a rose-and-blue-colored magnificence, permeated with minute particles of dancing, diamond like light that slowly moved upward and entered the area just above the center of my eyebrows.

A multitudinous explosion erupted from the depths of my being and reverberated through every dimension of my perception, as an intoxicating bliss saturated me from head to toe. The most sacred peace filled all and everything. Time was suspended within an all-encompassing stillness, and from the subtlest dimensions an ethereal and heavenly music softly echoed-violins, harps, a lone flute, and the tinkling of a thousand glass wind chimes sounding within the harmonic oneness of an angelic choir.

I experienced a divine, awe-inspiring, yet totally nurturing contentment beyond all contentment. Wave upon wave of undulating ecstasy radiated outward to infinity. Everything within this shimmering reverberation was disappearing, all form dissolving into itself, a reflection of hallucinogenic light within an ocean of delight.

I continued to observe my two friends, but their bodies had become multidimensional. I could see to the utmost core of their beings, which in each case was a small point of iridescent blue light. Luminosity flowed in all directions from these points of blue light, manifesting as their forms, and intermingling with all other forms, as they blended one into each other.

All and everything manifested as a merging sea of blissful, luminous energy, joyously delighting within itself-the most beautiful reality that one could ever imagine. That was divine existence, absolute, free, and independent, celebrating itself for the sake of itself. This was the one without a second, a pure awareness through which an other-worldly voice reverberated its truth: "I am one...I am free...I am all that is."

Suspended within this awareness beyond all time, I merged in it, flowing, floating, dancing, delighting, enjoying the freedom of oneness as I remained a quiescent witness. My mind was stilled in awe of the heavenly majesty. Bliss consumed every cell of my being. The loving voice again reiterated its affirmation: I am one... I am free... I am the play of consciousness...I am all that is... I am... I... I... I..." The ethereal echo gradually disappeared as it was reabsorbed into the fullness of its all-pervasive unity.

I remained within the ecstasy of its incredible reality for what seemed like an eternity, and then ever so gently it diminished, contracting itself and condensing into physicality. The energy released itself through the space between my eyebrows, and like a whirlpool wound its way back into the photograph in my hands.

My body unlocked, along with my gaze, and everything seemed to return to normal, yet I was never to be the same. For I had come face to face with the divine. I had scaled the heights of the ultimate reality that I considered to be God alone, Source alone, and nothing else could ever take its place.

Copyright 1997 Synchronicity Foundation, Inc.

Master Charles is the founder of the Synchronicity Foundation. For more information about him, click here.




Master Charles
Our reference page on Master Charles. Biography, book recommendations, and links to articles and other sites.

My Life With a Contemporary Master

By Alan Scherr
After practicing Transcendental Meditation for 25 years, this former college professor met Master Charles, a contemporary Western disciple of Swami Muktananda, and was plunged into an extraordinary state of blissful awareness beyond anything he had known before. This experience was the catalyst for a remarkable journey of surrender; the author soon learned he had been found by something he hadn't searched for; and two years later he and his family moved permanently to Virginia to live and work with Master Charles. This autobiographical article describes these experiences in detail.





Synchronicity Foundation
Founded in 1983 by Master Charles, the Synchronicity Foundation offers a unique combination of energy transmission from a realized master and state-of-the-art neurotechnology that accelerates students' progress. The Foundation operates retreat centers on two continents and publishes high-quality sound technology.





By Master Charles

From the author's description of the book:

The Bliss of Freedom is the true story of my own spiritual journey under the guidance of Swami Muktananda, one of the greatest Eastern mystics of the modern age. As an American, I am aware that the guru/disciple relationship is completely foreign to the sensibilities of the vast majority of Westerners. There is much confusion on the subject even among those who are genuinely interested in meditation and the mystic's journey. This book is intended to deliver some clarity on subject, and to offer encouragement to those who are already inclined to embark on this magnificent path.




PLAY OF CONSCIOUSNESS: A Spiritual Autobiography
by Swami Muktananda

Did you ever wish for a book that tells what it feels like to become a yogi at the highest level of attainment? The author would need a rare combination of qualities: first-hand knowledge of high yogic states, a modern empirical sensibility, a willingness to divulge information that has traditionally been guarded, and an ability to describe subjective phenomena. Swami Muktananda had those qualities and wrote such a book. He practiced Siddha Yoga, a form of Kundalini Yoga in which the classical asanas, mudras, and bandhas of Hatha Yoga occur spontaneously, without instruction, after transmission of energy by a guru. This is an excellent English translation of a work written in Hindi. Read more about it here on Amazon.com.



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