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A Case of Kundalini Affecting Ejaculation



This article is reprinted with the author's permission from the Kundalini mail list where it appeared originally as a letter on January 30, 2000. Someone had previously asked:

I would be interested to hear from list members who have had irritation, excess secretions, swelling, cysts or abcesses or any other factor that has made them aware of the Bartholin's or Cowper's glands or their general location.

The author replied as follows:

I was going to send you this off-list, but changed my mind as I realised that there may be list members in the same predicament. I would appreciate it greatly if you send as much information as you can on this matter.

I have suffered from discomfort and pain in the area of the Cowper's glands for around eight years now. To give a brief history:

I turned thirty-four last month. Going back eight years (I think), I began to suffer from minor discomforts in my scrotum. These discomforts were a feeling that there was a lot of activity in that area. At the same time my urine was very cloudy and often of a milky-white colour for considerable periods. As time went by the discomforts increased, eventually including a feeling of pressure, and the volume of the content of my ejaculations increased considerably. I also began to suffer from discharges which were mainly of a transparent colour and slightly viscous. The viscosity gradually increased until the fluid was jelly-like and white or clear in colour. Also as time went by, the discomfort turned into pain, particularly over the last four or five years.

Accompanying this pain would be feelings of isolation, a feeling of being 'strange', blackness, severe panic attacks, and difficulty socializing or being spontaneous with other people. Also there was the feeling that my personality was shrinking. At other times the feeling was that my complete personality, the sense of who I am, was being pulled down into the pain and into the area where the pain was occurring. I remember an experience occurring about a year and a half ago -- the pain was so intense one morning and my 'personality' had been 'pulled' into it, but my 'spirit' seemed to rise above it -- it was like I had ascended above the physicality of the pain and was free from any direct experiences with it. Most of the time however my life was hell.

I would say that in the first four years, I went to numerous GPs, different consultants, three different hospitals, and had all the medical examinations and tests possible, and all the time I got a clean bill of health. It's funny that during most of these visits to hospitals, the symptoms would not be there -- I used to think this strange. I also went to see a homeopath, had sessions with an acupuncturist, and later with a spiritual healer, and I began to see a psychoanalyst. But there was very little improvement if any. This was all before I knew what 'Kundalini' was or is, and that happened about twenty-one months ago during a visit to a bioenergy healer.

He told me that I was going through a kundalini awakening and that my symptoms were entirely knudalini related. Since that visit my life has changed considerably. I began to have numerous psychic experiences, a lot of which were 'alchemical' in nature, experiences of increased awareness, and experiences of warm 'sun-shiney' energy in different parts of my body. I have also taken up Tai Chi, meditation, had three initiations as a healer, and have changed my lifestyle and the type of food I eat. It's remarkable how much can happen in twenty-one months.

Now the pain and discomforts aren't as bad. Recently I have been feeling a lot of energy emanating up through my body from a specific area in that part of my body. I have had the feeling since the very beginning that all these symptoms had something to do with the Cowper's glands. The name of those particular glands has stuck in my mind since school biology classes eighteen years ago; however I have done very little research into it.

I hope this helps with your enquiry. I also hope that other people who are going through similar experiences will feel less isolated.

Copyright 2000 Patrick McDowell.

Patrick McDowell is a 34-year-old male who lives in Dublin, Ireland. He is aware a lot of the time that he is on a spiritual journey, and he longs to return home. He can be reached by email at patrick.mcdowell@oceanfree.net.




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