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Spiritual Emergence Network


The Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN) was founded in 1978 by Stanislav Grof, a psychiatrist and professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and his wife, Christina. They are authors of the book Spiritual Emergency.

The Spiritual Emergence Network operates an Information and Referral Service that helps people who are having problems with their spiritual growth. Trained graduate students in the School of Professional Psychology answer questions from callers and refer them to licensed mental health professionals in the caller's area.

The network refers callers to mental health professionals who are respectful of spiritual experience, familiar with a number of spiritual traditions, and qualified to work in at least one of the following areas:

  • loss or change of faith;
  • existential and/or spiritual crisis;
  • experience of unitive consciousness or altered states;
  • psychic openings;
  • possession;
  • near-death experience;
  • kundalini;
  • shamanic journey;
  • difficulties with a meditation practice.




The Spiritual Emergence Network (SEN@CIIS)
Information and Referral Service

The telephone number is 415-648-2610.

Spiritual Emergency
A book by the founders of the Spiritual Emergence Network.


This page was published on January 23, 2000.

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