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Sit in the Silence and Stillness



This is part of a transcript of a satsang given in India on December 31, 1998. It appeared first in Heart to Heart, the newsletter of AHAM Meditation Retreat Center.

Ramana: So why did all of you come here? What are you looking for? Do you know? Have you had any "sightings?" Don't you know you already are what you're looking for? And, as long as you keep looking you're never going to find it? (Laughter.) That doesn't stop us from looking, does it?

Are you still seeking? Are you ready to find? Are you ready to be? Are you ready to stop the becoming? Do you have any idea how many lifetimes you've been playing this game? It's a big joke. (Laughter.) Guess who the joke's on? (Much laughter.)

(To the guest laughing the most:) Somebody has touched your funny bone, haven't they? Is it always that funny, hm? Just laugh all the time, can we? Can we laugh all the time? Sometimes we cry. That's when it's really humorous.

How many of you have gurus? Have teachers? Do you have a teacher or guru that you listen to or follow? How many of you have had gurus? Still looking? Where's the guru? How are you going to recognize the guru? Find the guru?

Participant: They keep changing.

Ramana: They keep changing? They keep dying don't they? (Laughter.) We overload 'em, huh? We give 'em so many of our burdens to carry they can't carry them either. They're so compassionate they'll take 'em all, huh? How many of you were with Osho? (Some hands raised.) Papaji? (Some hands raised.) Gangaji? (Hands raised.) Who else? Nisargadatta Maharaj?

Participant: Robert Adams.

Ramana: Yes. Robert Adams. At least we know we're looking in the right direction. The problem is that any direction you're looking in, there is an "I" there that's looking. And there's objectifying taking place. Have you noticed? So just in the process of looking itself, we're going away from that which we're looking for. Have you gotten that yet?

That's when grace will start working, when you see that. Just in the process of looking. What a paradox! Who's looking? Look to see who's looking. And that's the end of looking. Feel that right now. Who's looking? Get in touch with the one who's looking. Right now.

Now in getting in touch with the one who's looking, what is this one looking for? It's a feeling. Go ahead, feel right now. Feel your own Being. Can you feel that? Can you feel that you are? Do you know that you are? Now if you know that you are, who is? What is? That's what you're looking for. How far do you have to go to find that? How long do you have to look to find that? And what do you have to do to quit looking for that? Just simply be that. Don't be distracted by anything else. Don't be distracted by all the looking.

In this very moment, right now, you are That. We are That! It's just the very feeling that I AM, first person singular. I AM. You don't have to go any further than That. First person singular. If you go outside of That, now you're looking, you're seeking, and you're suffering. That's not an accusation. I'm not saying that in judgment. I'm saying that in full compassion. But you know what I mean, don't you?

Just let go. Just simply let go. Right now, just let go. Let go and Be this I AM that you are. Can you do that? Right now, just for one second. A second is not very long. In fact that is too long; half a second. Can you do it for half a second? Just let go. I'm sure you've read in the books "surrender." What do you surrender to? Something outside yourself? No. Let go into the I AM right now. I AM. Just simply let go into this being, this feeling that you are.

How many of you can feel that something just happened? Just let go into the stillness. This stillness must be before anything else can be. Everything else that is movement has to have a base on which to move, and it's this stillness. If there wasn't this stillness as the base upon which all movement happens, there couldn't be any movement.

And we're usually so caught up in the movement that we overlook the stillness. The stillness is what counts. The stillness is what matters. Bhagavan Ramana says, "The real teaching is done in the silence." It is this very stillness. It's nothing more than thoughtless awareness.

See, this isn't any different from what we were doing a moment ago with eyes closed. In AHAM we do it with eyes open. As Jesus said, it's "praying without ceasing." Pray without ceasing. That's really the only way to pray. Just simply letting go and abiding in your own being. The same revelation of Moses: I AM. Just I AM THAT I AM. Let go into that I AM. Are we feeling this? Nod your head if you're feeling this.

Do you see that no matter what activity you're engaged in, if you're cognizant, you're still aware that there's this underlying stillness. There's this underlying Presence. Now, whose Presence is it? Is that a Presence outside of yourself? Isn't that your own Presence? Who's feeling the Presence if you're feeling the Presence? Who's feeling the stillness if you're feeling the stillness, the silence if you're feeling the silence? Feel it.

Is someone else feeling it for you? Does someone else have your experiences for you? Don't you have your own experiences? Haven't you always had your own experiences? Has anyone ever experienced your experiences for you? Must you not experience your own experiences?

All right, in this moment, if there's a presence, if there's a stillness, whose stillness, whose presence is it? That's the one. Get in touch with that one. And there's where you meditate. That's where you meditate. Don't give your attention to anything else, ever. Just stay right there, forever. If you want enlightenment, that's it. (Laughter.)

Copyright A. Ramana

A. Ramana is the spiritual founder and spiritual director of AHAM (the Association for Happiness of All Mankind) and the AHAM Meditation Retreat Center.


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