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Meditation Software:
BrainWave Generator 2.0



It may seem strange that a computer program can help you meditate by altering your state of consciousness, but it's true.

Actually, it's not so strange. For thousands of years, people have used drums, cymbals, and other instruments to induce trances. This is just an improved version of the same idea.

Here's how it works. The program makes two different sounds, one for each ear. You listen to them through headphones. When your brain combines the sounds, it hears beats at an extremely low frequency. If you focus your attention on these beats in a certain way (it's not hard, just sort of relax into them), the frequency of your brainwaves will gradually get into synch with the beats. This puts you into a meditative state. (This really happens, it can be measured with an EEG.)

There are several programs of this type on the market. One of the best is BrainWave Generator 2.0 by Noromaa Solutions. You can download it for free from the manufacturer's site (see link below). After 30 days, if you keep using it, you're supposed to pay for it.

Warning: The manufacturer of this program, Noromaa Solutions, warns that you should not use it if you have had seizures, suffer from epilepsy, wear a pacemaker, suffer from cardiac arrhythmia or other heart disorders, or take tranquilizers, stimulants, or other psychoactive drugs.

Download BrainWave Generator 2.0.

The download is free. If you keep using the program after 30 days, the manufacturer asks you to pay for it.




Our main reference page on software and machines that help induce meditational states. Contains an overview, links, and book recommendations.


This page was published on December 29, 1999 and last revised May 8, 2000.

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