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My Reminiscences
By N. Balarama Reddy
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From 1937 when he was 28 years old until his death in 1995, N. Balarama Reddy was a resident devotee at Ramana Maharshi's ashram. Shortly before his death he dictated his reminiscences to Dennis Hartel, editor of The Maharshi Newsletter, who wrote them down in lucid, straightforward language. The resulting volume, like all good books of this type, consists mainly of anecdotes that illustrate how Sri Ramana interacted with his close devotees and played the role of Guru. One example: it was against the rules to touch Sri Ramana, and he normally refused to give initiation by touch. But once when Sri Reddy was bowing, Sri Ramana raised his feet surreptitiously to touch Sri Reddy's eyelids with his toes. (Other close devotees tell similar stories in their reminiscences.) The book also contains accounts of Sri Reddy's experiences with Sri Aurobindo, Yashoda Ma, and Ananda Mayi Ma. Sri Reddy had a plainspoken, matter-of-fact attitude toward his experiences that make them easy and enjoyable to read about.
Where to order it
In India:
Sri Ramanasramam
In the U.S.:
Arunachala Ashrama
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My Reminiscences
By N. Balarama Reddy.
Compiled by Dennis Hartel.
· · · · · · · · · · · ·
121 pages.
Published by Sri Ramanasramam in 1996.
(No ISBN number).


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This page was published on October 27, 2001.

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